Building Gods. Graphic novel and PhD thesis.
Building Gods. Graphic novel and PhD thesis.

A graphic novel thesis, helped by Glasgow School of Art, on how an all-seeing presence is built in to the places we live.


An authoritarian form of democracy is gaining global ground. While this is most likely down to many things, one seems to be our primate response to dominant males, especially powerful in times of increased insecurity (Garcia 2015).

The ultimate dominant male is arguably represented in the person of an all powerful and all seeing deity (Ibid), whose presence is continually but non-obviously pointed at through ways our sacred, commercial, and state places are built (Zizek 2004).

Adapting Sousanis’ (2015) use of the graphic novel to reform the academic thesis, by disrupting the ways linear text has come to embody knowledge, I want to do the same with the above situation; providing new resources for creative intervention emerging from wider cultural narrative.


Such cultural impact will be measured in the shorter term by monitoring the work's academic citations, viral instances in social media, discourse analysis of emerging commentary, and sales.

In the longer term, this will be measured with econometric analysis of sales versus attitudinal change, and monitoring emerging derivative works.


Garcia, H (2015) Alpha God: The Psychology of Religious Violence and Oppression. Prometheus Books

Sousanis, N (2015) Unflattening. Harvard University Press

Zizek, S. (2004) “The Spectator ́s Malevolent Neutrality”, YouTube.

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