Build Your Own Bicycle With Bamboobee Bike Kit
Build Your Own Bicycle With Bamboobee Bike Kit

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Immerse yourself in the cycling lifestyle! Build your own bamboo bicycle frame, hang out with the Bamboobee team, or get a bamboo bicycle named after you!

Project Description

Hello, everyone. Sunny Chuah here.

Back in April 2013, I started a campaign to help fund the launch of my dream – Bamboobee. It was a huge success thanks to backers who pledged and allowed my dream to come true.

Bamboobee bicycles have unique handcrafted bamboo frames that are not only sturdy, but also light. As bamboo is a renewable material, our bicycle frames are the essence of sustainable engineering.

With your continued support, Bamboobee has made huge progress and we have come up with another breakthrough technology – the Bamboobee Build It Yourself (BIY) Bike kit.

What I’d like to do now is start another biking revolution.

I’d like people – every day, ordinary people, with little knowledge of tools or engineering, to be able to build their own bike.

Bamboobee Build It Yourself (BIY) Bike Kit

With this kit, we not only aim to provide you with the joy of cycling, but also want you to experience the satisfaction of building your own bicycle from scratch.

We also want to meld the city lifestyle with nature. What could be more cool than cruising around the city on a unique, bamboo-framed bicycle that you built yourself?

Here’s another great feature – you don’t need to have engineering expertise or sophisticated machinery to build your own bicycle frame. All you need is just some simple tools and you can build it without breaking a sweat!

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What Comes With A Bamboobee BIY Bike Kit:

  • 01X set of bamboo   

  • 25 meters of hemp fiber

  • One-time usage recyclable frame jig

  • 06X Bicycle cable bamboo holders 

  • 01X set of stainless steel (304) dropout

  • 01X set of aluminium (6061 - T4) head tube and bottom bracket  

  • 01X pen file

  • 01X set of reinforced metal wire

  • 01X roll of transparent roll

  • 01X instructional manual

What's Great About The Bamboobee Build It Yourself (BIY) Bike Kit?

  • Environmentally Friendly
    Bamboo is a sustainable natural material with an extremely rapid growth rate. Bamboo takes only a few months to mature and it can be harvested again and again.

  • Great Bonding Activity
    Friends and family will get to spend quality time together while building a bicycle frame. It is also a fun-filled activity and everyone can get involved!

    Our BIY Bike Kits are designed in a way that allows people of any age to be able to build them, even kids! In this way, the whole family can have fun together.

What We Need

We have spent a lot of effort in designing our BIY Bike Kit to ensure that they are easy to assemble. All we need are the funds to bring it to fruition.

To reach the mass market, we need to offer our kits at an affordable and competitive price and this requires going into sizable production. Our target of $11,000 will allow us to purchase the required materials in bulk, which will enable us to lower production costs. 

  • 11% of funds will go towards transportation of the bamboo kits
  • 14% of funds toward the labor of making the bamboo kits
  • 30% of funds will go to material processing
  • 40% will go to the acquisition of the raw material
  • 5% of the funds will go toward the storage of the kits until ordered

Time Frame

Once this project has been fully funded (October-November 2014), our estimated delivery of the first Bamboobee Bike Kits is 7 to 9 weeks.

A Brief of Planned Rewards (If you have feedbacks, let us know!)

  • $5 You will receive a virtual “thank you” 

  • $100 Same as $25 reward
    and 1 Bamboobee mini items (Total 3 mini items).

  • $179 
    1 Bamboobee BIY Kit 

  • $358 
    2 Bamboobee BIY Kit 

  • $537 
    3 Bamboobee BIY Kit

  • $1500 Same as $537reward 
    • Plus, option (1) come to Singapore (on your own dime) and receive a guided tour of the Bamboobee Showroom. We will also bring you on a guided cycle tour around the green lungs of Singapore and end the day tour with dinner! 
    • or option (2) come to Guangzhou, China (on your own dime)  and receive a guided tour of the Bamboobee Factory. We will also bring you on a guided cycle tour around the village area and end the day tour with dinner!
      (Only 10 available)
  • $5,000 Same as $450 reward 
    • Plus, we will design and name a bicycle after you.
      (Only 5 available)

More History of the Bamboobee

In 2009, I put together my first self-crafted bamboo bicycle, and it carried me through the toughest terrains in the world for 3,792 miles (6,103km), from the highest snow covered mountain passes of Central Asia to the scorching deserts of China.

It was this fantastic and life-changing experience that inspired me to establish Bamboobee and create these wonderful bikes for everyone who desired one.

A Bamboobbee frame takes 38 hours of refined craftsmanship by our skilled artisans- creating a product of pure passion which provides a choice for simplicity and happiness on cycling. And combined with today's technologically advanced gearing and electric wheel systems, there is a bicycle for everyone to enjoy.

How You Can Help

If you like what you have been reading so far, remember to enter your email address to get early invite. Be notified when we launch our Kickstarter page in October 2014. Exciting rewards are up for grabs!

Please share the news about this Prefundia page- Build Your Own Bicycle With Bamboobee Bike Kit on your social media pages, and with your local bike clubs and environmental organisations.

Share the video. We have it on Youtube and Vimeo for your convenience. 

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Keep in touch!

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