Build Mobile Chat Application on Android & iOS Instantly
Build Mobile Chat Application on Android & iOS Instantly

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Everything is getting ‘app’ed and with the rise of personal chat applications, the dependency on telecommunication service providers is almost negligible now. To build chat app on Android, to create an iOS chat app, the development processes were far-stretching but things have changed now. To develop chat apps in quick time, readymade solutions have entered the scene.Real-time chat app building is taking a new turn with companies providing readymade solutions that helps people build chat apps instantly

However, how easy it may get to create a chat app for iphone or Android devices, the actual concern is how specific, secure and customizable an instant solution can be for your unique requirements. 'Apphitect IM Solution' is one such promising instant messaging solution provided by one of the mobile app development companies in UAE.

How to Make a Simple Android & iPhone Chat App with Apphitect IM Solution

Apphitect Instant Messaging Solution, is a readymade solution that can be used to create an Android chat application in quick time. Apphitect IM Solution is native and it renders support to build a chat app for iphone, iPad and Android tablets and smartphones that are uncompromising in terms of performance.

Here is a sneak peek into the technicalities of Apphitect Instant Messaging Solution that’ll help you to Build a Mobile Chat App in Android, iOS and Windows.

1. Ejabberd

Apphitect Instant Messaging Solution makes use of the Ejabberd server and has customized it for achieving high degree of operational efficiency and hence it doesn’t matter whether you create chat app for iphone or Android devices as the speed will be uncompromised.

Customizing XMPP, the protocol for Ejabberd, this personal chat app building solution speeds up signing in and re-signing in sessions. Being encrypted with HMAC, the Android chat app you build using this solution will be free from account spoofing and DDOS attacks.

2. Mnesia & MySQL

This solution greatly suits instant messaging app development as it uses Mnesia database to maintain user login sessions and response time which ultimately gives a great instant messaging experience for users. MySQL DB keeps the repository of user details

3. Cassandra database

To create a instant messenging application which is equivalent to Whatsapp in terms of instant archival this solution uses Cassandra database which does the job of archiving and retrieving chat logs instantly.

4. Amazon S3 Bucket

For the heavy storage duty of your iOS/Android chat application, Apphitect IM Solution seeks the help of Amazon S3 bucket. Multimedia files like audio, video, images, emoticons and much more are stored in Amazon cloud which helps in quick rendering.

Architecture of Apphitect IM Solution Technologies to Build Instant Messaging Chat App like Whatsapp, Wechat 

Apphitect has an uncomplicated architecture that enables you to develop a chat app like Whatsapp, viber, LINE that’s technically sound.

With exclusive SDKs for iOS, Android and web, this solution can be used to create a chat app for iOS and other major development platforms as well. Amazon S3 Bucket takes care of the multimedia file storage, XMPP, Ejabberd and Erlang handle communication between multiple nodes.

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Apphitect IM Solution Features to Create an iOS / Android Chat App

  •  Personal/Group ChatYou can have personal one-to-one chats and create a group of closed users as well
  • Offline MessagesOffline messaging support enables users to convey information or send files even if the recipient is offline.
  • Push NotificationsNotification pushes helps in alerting users about the information delivered and make sure they are conveyed.
  • PresenceBy tracking user behavior Apphitect IM Solution provides real-time information on every user’s availability.
  • Social IntegrationsSocial accounts can be used to sign in and sign up for the which improves user convenience.
  • Locations - Location based tracking capability of this messenger app building solution enables users to share their locations with fellow app users.
  • SyncA user can make use of multiple devices to stay signed into your personal chat application.
  • Voice CallingUsers can place a voice call by dialling or by triggering it through the voice recognition enabled calling system.
  • Video CallingIn order to make conversations livelier, Apphitect IM Solution enables users to make live video call with one or many users.
  • SharingMultimedia files including images, audio, videos and documents can be shared with one or in a group.
  • Screen ShareUsers can transit to several screens while on a video call and share it instantly to users at the other end.
  • Fully SearchableSearch system helps users pick up messages, files, links, conversations, groups and contacts.
  • SecurityWith end-to-end encryption, all the chat logs will be safe and user accounts will be immunized against hacks.

Hosting Solutions connected to Apphitect IM Mobile Chat App Development

Apphitect IM Solution can be deployed in two models:

  • If you want to create a instant messaging app that’s adaptively scalable, Amazon cloud should be your choice. Apphitect IM Solution, by default is hosted on Amazon cloud and if you wish, you can continue with AWS (Amazon Web Services) itself by configuring cloud for your chat app’s requirements.
  • If you are fine with taking care of hosting responsibilities by yourself, Apphitect team will happily help deploying your app on your own server.
  • You can also build a chat app and get it hosted on other third-party clouds like Microsoft Azure, Google cloud etc.

How much does it costs to Make an Instant Messaging app?

Chat app development cost is always uncertain and can only be assumed considering the cost for the key factors that are involved in developing a chat app.
Other factor which swings the cost pendulum is the expertise or the size of the company through which you are going to develop chat app. The more experienced and organized team you go for, the higher will be the cost. A rough cost for developing a chat app through a seasoned company would be around 280,000$ with 40$ per hour for the development resources involved. 

However, readymade solutions can comparatively cut down cost and money as well.

A ready-to-go instant messaging solution can be a good choice to speed up your personal chat app development in iOS and Android. Apphitect Instant Messaging Solution can be your perfect ally!!

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