Budgeting Re-Invented
Budgeting Re-Invented


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ProActive's categories are like Mini Bank Accounts making your budget real.  When you spend from a category, the money comes out of that category, instantly! 

It's like cash on a card or like Cash Envelopes - Digitized!

  • No Pending transactions - All transactions post instantly
  • No Guessing - Stop doing mental math in line as you purchase something hoping there's enough money! Instead, KNOW how much is available in your budget
  • No Overdrafts - If there's not enough cash, the system says "no"
  • No Guilt - Stop worrying about managing the budget. Make budgeting as easy as spending


  • Spending is just like cash - With cash, to spend from a category, you have to open your wallet and select which category you're going to pull from.  ProActive works the same way with our Patent Pending app and card system


  • Click to Activate a Category - Type your PIN, then select a category.  That category's money is then moved onto the card ready for spending. When a transaction comes through, it is immediately deducted from that category's balance. The card is then De-Activated, keeping you safe. Watch the video below:

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  • Categorizing Every Dollar - By organizing every dollar into a category you empower your money to be spent where it gives you the most value.  This helps you to stick to your plan in the long run. And to make it easy, this distribution plan is then memorized by ProActive so when new funds come in they are auto-distributed until you change it.

  • Adding Money to ProActive - Connect your existing bank accounts (similar to a PayPal connection) then pull money into or send money out of ProActive. ProActive can also receive Direct Deposits just like your bank account as well as Cash Deposits at over 45,000 locations like WalMart, Walgreens, and 7Eleven.


  • Simple Security - With ProActive, the Default Card Balance is ZERO leaving thieves with a plastic card and no money. It's that simple.


  • Person-to-Person Payments - Never put down multiple cards again. Just select your category and send payments to friends easily. 
  • Photo Check Deposit - Can't find your shoes to get to a branch? No worries! Deposit checks with your phone in your pajamas. 
  • Bill Pay - Take care of all your bills right here. In fact, we can even pay them for you automatically and as part of your debt elimination plan. 
  • Child Card - Give your kids their own cards (with or without an app) and connect your whole family. Pay an allowance, tuition, or work around the house. Start teaching money management skills now. 
  • Mail-a-Check - Most Bill Pay apps can't mail a check for rent or to granny for that loan she gave you. ProActive can send paper checks right from your phone.


A Smart Budget needs to do things for you like save money and eliminate debts. So we set out to do what no one has done before - Go beyond the Debt Calculator.

  • Not Another Calculator - Debt snowballs are mathematically fast! But when life sets in, most people fall off their plan and have to recalculate. This costs thousands and is emotionally difficult.
  • Sync Debt Accounts - ProActive calculates your perfect debt snowball and automatically updates it when things change
  • Visualize Progress - See where you are, where you've been, and where you're headed - We'll make sure it's the fastest route
  • Move Category Excesses to Debt - Now when you spend less than you budgeted in a category you can send it to pay down your debt even FASTER
  • Not DIY but DFY, "Done-For-You" - You say the word and we'll pay those debts for you exactly on schedule. Set your debt freedom on auto pilot!


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