Buckle Me Baby Coats
Buckle Me Baby Coats

This project has already launched.

Experts say no to puffy winter coats in the car seat.

Parents are told to take the coat off and put the coat on again...and again...and again.

That's tough on parents and kids are unhappy too. 

Buckle Me Baby Coats has solved the Coat vs Car Seat Struggle for parents with our patented side and shoulder seam opening which allows the front panel to be pulled out of the way and the harness adjusted properly without taking the coat off. Our coat was crash tested at the University of Michigan's Transportation Research Institute where it not only outperformed traditional coats but also performed similarly to no coat at all. 

This is big news for parents. Now getting in the car seat can be one less struggle and kids can be warm and safer in and out of of the car.

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