Buckle Charger
Buckle Charger


For iPhone and Android


Your Safety Net

If you've ever been on a hiking trip and got separated from your friends, or your car broke down and you lost your car charger and need to call for roadside assistance, or the elevator in your apartment building got stuck and now you’re trapped as you wait for help, but you need to call your workplace to let them know you will be late, and you meant to charge your phone once you got to your car but you didn't make it there, than like me, your phone has died at very impracticable moments. Unfortunately, there are no wall outlets in an elevator or in the woods, or even on buses or subways. What are you going to do? You look down and realize you have the solution hidden inside your belt buckle.




Now you can contact the person you need to and go on with your day. The best part is, you don't have to walk around with a charger and wires sticking out of your pocket, the charger is attached to your belt, and has no wires!




How will your funding be used?

We have done a tremendous amount of work so far on the buckle  design and development of the buckle charger electronics, but need your help going the last mile.

We need to pay for tooling for the metal parts (Stainless Steel and Brass) mold for bottom plastic part of the battery housing and make sure we have all certifications needed. CE/ROHS/FCC

The money will also be used for the first production run.

If this project is fully funded, we expect our first production run to arrive from the factory towards the end of August. So expect the shipment in September 2014.


What YOU Will Receive

·         Battery: concealed in belt buckle

·         Belt: leather belt, 1 1/4" wide, black or brown.

·         Includes: 3 phone connectors, micro USB cable, instructions


·Full charging time: two hours, providing 3 hours of talk time (Approximately)

Capacity: 1000 mAh/3.7v

·Input: 5V 1000 mA

·Output: 5V 500 mA

·Compatible with all iPhones and Android phones. Buckle also charges Bluetooth headsets that can take 5V micro USB input

12 months  Warranty

CE, Rohs, FCC certificates



Perks and Rewards

$59USD +


One stylish 100% pure Brass Buckle Charger™ with leather belt. Free Shipping to the U.S. (add $20 for International Shipping



$69USD +

Stainless Steel Buckle

One Stainless Steel Buckle Charger™ plus leather belt.Free Shipping to the U.S. (add $20 for International Shipping).



$79USD +

100% pure Brass

One 100% pure Brass Buckle Charger™ plus leather belt.! Free Shipping to the U.S. (add $20 for International Shipping).





Your Turn!

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