The Internet is a large place. Finding relevant, interesting content online can be harder than looking for talent in a Justin Bieber song.

We have a dedicated platform for posting short messages. We have a dedicated platform for posting images. Why don’t we have a dedicated platform for sharing URL's and other internet content?

Imagine a website that only showed you links from people who had similar interests as you. We can create a more enjoyable, better-informed community if users share everything they find enjoyable online, not just what the Internet as a whole decides should go viral. See what your friends are looking at so you have something to talk about with them. See what the CEO of that Fortune 100 company is spending his valuable time reading. What links have your favorite celebrity just posted? Your profile becomes a window into who you are as a unique individual.

How often have you found a hilarious video, and then wanted to show it to a friend weeks later but couldn’t for the life of you remember what it was called. Don’t have access to your computer where you bookmarked it? No problem! All your links are now in the cloud, available to be read/watched from any mobile device or internet connection anywhere in the world.

Life happens. It’s hard to read every great article that you come across. Why not create a link playlist for later so you can enjoy this content on your time, not when you happen to stumble upon it online. With bucketlinks, you will be able to organize all the different content you find but don’t have time to fully digest, or just want saved again for future use and access it from any computer, mobile device or tablet. Your content on your time.
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