btbox - minimalistic midi controller
btbox - minimalistic midi controller

what is btbox?

btbox is a minimalistic hardware controller for your audio apps. it puts 16 lightning-fast arcade buttons at your fingertips, and can control any midi-compatible application on your pc, mac, or ipad. play beats, trigger samples, add controls to your dj setup, control lights...the possibilities are endless. the firmware is fully open-source, so you can choose to use it straight out of the box, or hack it to your heart's content!

aluminum unibody case

when you're jamming on a btbox, there is zero flex. every btbox is housed in a case which is precision machined from a single block of aluminum, then sandblasted and anodized for a gorgeous finish. when you pick up a btbox, you know you're holding a solid piece of hardware, not a flimsy toy.

custom buttons

we aren't using ordinary off-the-shelf arcade buttons. we are working closely with one of the biggest button manufacturers in asia to create custom buttons specifically for btbox. these buttons are fast, smooth and extremely durable, with a great feel we know you'll love.


after you strip out every bit of unnecessary space, synchronise every geometric contour, and remove any distracting embellishments, you're left with one thing: elegance in simplicity. this type of pure beauty is timeless—not bound by fashion or trends. sometimes less is more.

this is only the beginning

we have so many ideas and innovations we'd like to bring to you through btbox and other products. getting btbox mk1 into production is just the first step! and if you're a btbox user, any future hardware updates will be available in a discounted upgrade kit—no need to buy a whole new device!


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