Brooklyn Biltong - Your new favorite Jerky!
Brooklyn Biltong - Your new favorite Jerky!

We are Ben and Em, and we are bringing Biltong to Brooklyn.

Biltong is the South African version of beef jerky. It's cured by wind, keeping it more tender than traditional jerky. Imagine tiny pieces of steak to go!

Why Biltong?

We made our first batch of biltong in 2012 as a snack for our wedding reception. None of our friends had tasted biltong before, but they met it with delighted tastebuds, and a demand for more! Their excitement in discovering Biltong led us to recognize the opportunity we had to introduce Biltong to America. 

What makes us different?

The company was built with two goals in mind: Introduce Biltong to America, and make a difference in our neighborhood while doing so.

We established what we call 'Eat and Feed.' Because Biltong is a sustainable, protein rich nutrient, we give away 10% of our profits in the form of actual Biltong to local Brooklyn organizations. 

What we are planning, and how you can help!

We had recently paused our Biltong production for some strategic restructuring, and we need your support for our relaunch!

Among many behind the scene upgrades, our relaunch will bring:

  • PROFESSIONAL PACKAGING: We will be updating our bag quality and having them professionally printed! This will allow us to make a larger presence in more local stores, and our bags will be more economically sound by eliminating the use of sticker labels.
  • OUR OWN RECIPE: (With more flavors to come!) We will be launching with a new original recipe and need some help cutting through logistical red tape.
  • WHOLESALE AND LOCAL PICKUP: We are going full blast with cross country and local wholesalers. We want to eliminate shipping costs and put biltong in your hands with a simple trip to the corner store! (We will also have local pickup in Brooklyn/NYC)

We really appreciate your current and continued support. Please get in touch with any and all questions. We love hearing from you, and welcome you along on our journey.

Best and cheers, Ben & Em


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