Broken Wings: Journey of Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery
Broken Wings: Journey of Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery

This project has already launched.

This campaign was created to assist me in bringing Broken Wings to life. Your help is needed in order for me to do so.  My hope is to get this story of faith and optimism into the hands of TBI survivors and their caregivers, TBI Rehabilitation Centers, Brain Injury Associations across the world, hospitals, schools, libraries, and bookstores.
Being a TBI advocate can become very overwhelming, so I want to get this story to whoever can find something in its content that will make them feel encouraged, inspired, and motivated while giving them the strength to continue moving forward.
I want to thank you all in advance for your pledges, and for helping us be able to share with others what it takes to navigate through unfortunate mishaps. Thank you for providing us with the resources to be able to effectively share our story to help other families see that they too can live through unpredicted events following the devastation TBI causes, and giving them hope to know that their loved one can indeed be the best TBI survivor that he or she can be.

Thank you!
Twylia & Mylon

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