"Suffering from PTSD decorated green beret Major Manuel Andrade returns from the war on terror afraid to go home to his wife and daughter. A battlefield rescue and a dying comrade holds him from the brink of suicide. A wife's promise is the only hope for a broken hero."

The power of independent film.

This independent film project unites powerful production talent with the profound plight of our veterans from the Afghan and Iraqi wars. Suicide is epidemic among these veterans and their stories must be told.  Writer | director a'Ali DeSousa amalgamates the stories of veterans into a heart rendering story of truth that as a nation we must face.

What is the reak cost of war?

DeSousa dares to take the reality of war outside the politcal influence and conversation. "BROKEN HEROES" compells us to look at ourselves and what we ask of those men and women who dare to defend our freedoms.

This feature length drama, authentically takes usthrough the tragic darkness of PTSD, depression and horrific suicide. Still,"BROKEN HEROES" shines a ray light and hope that only true love can provide. 

A project that true hearts will support and have the story told.  Our veterans deserve better now. It is not about war; it is about the real value of the human soul.

"BROKEN HEROES" the film funding campaign coming soon.

Stay tuned for the soon to be released trailer.

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