What Is #BRKLYN?

Where can you find pot-smoking hipsters, cocaine snorting mobsters and liberal thinking millennials? Only in the crazy world of #BRKLYN.

#BRKLYN follows the story of Sean, a 25 year old journalist who came to New York to pursue his dreams. But he gets more than he bargained for quickly ending up in the hands of the Brooklyn mob. How would you shake the Battle Dwarf off? 

Welcome to #BRKLYN.


So What's The Story?

Sean is a young shy Manhattan lawyer whose father is a judge in the middle of an important trial. Following his new crush Veronika into Brooklyn, Sean takes drugs and has a memorable night with some new friends. Once the morning comes Sean realizes that he partied with the notorious Russian mob and their boss - Bloody Ivan. Ivan blackmails the unsuspecting victims into running a trendy coffeeshop “BRKLYN” which is used as a front for his illegal activity . Without understanding it, Sean just became a pawn in a game between two very powerful men - Ivan and Sean’s father. Will Sean find the courage make a stand for him and his family, or will his fears let the villain win?


Who Is Behind #BRKLYN?


Lev Melnik (Producer/Creator) - Lev Melnik is the producer and the creator of the original idea for the series. He graduated from NYFA (New York Film Academy) in 2015 and is currently getting his BFA in Video & Photography from SVA (School of Visual Arts) New York. Lev has years of experience in the creative field and loves cold brew coffee.

Ian Fischer
(Director/Writer) - Ian Fischer is a multiple award winning film director, producer, screenwriter and instructor. He has taught in many institutions across the nation, including Columbia, NYU and SVA. His short films, Magritte Moment, Foet, Lightride, and music videos have been screened at over 100 film festivals. As a member of the Directors and Actors Workshop in New York City, Fischer was one of nine directors chosen to become part of "The Wonder Project".

Matthew Heckerling
 (Director of Photography) -Matthew Heckerling is an award winning DP based in NYC. Matthew’s most recent feature, Shadow People, a supernatural thriller/horror film starring Dallas Roberts (The Walking Dead, The Good Wife) was recently released to very strong reviews on Blu-ray and VOD. He has also shot many popular music videos and commercials. His video credits include Green Day, Steve Aoki & Rivers Cuomo, Perry Farrell, Sammy Hagar, Black Stone Cherry, and Nickelback.


Ryan Reiss (Writer) - Ryan Reiss is a comedian, writer, and actor based in NYC. Ryan began his career as a comedian while attending NYU, and quickly became a favorite act on scene. Ryan’s quick wit, instant likeability and a unique way of engaging any audience have made him one of the most sought after comedians in New York clubs. Ryan can be seen daily entertaining Fox studio audiences for the “M & J Morning Show,” “Huckabee,” and “Center Stage.” In addition to his TV performances, he has also written and co-produced “Jimmy Fallon & Drew Barrymore’s Spring Break Face Off.”


How Can I Help?

It costs us around $20,000 to produce each episode of #BRKLYN. Our goal is to fund Season I which will consist of 10 episodes (excluding the pilot). 

Creating a decent quality web series doesn't come cheap. Most of the expenses will go towards renting the necessary camera equipment, as well as securing the location and paying cast & crew.


Why Web Series?

We are excited by the possiblites of web series because it allows us to be in constant communication with our viewers and share the episodes on social media networks - absolutely free of charge!


When Will It Be Released?

The production for the episodes is schedules to start at the start of January 2017 and should be availble online by the end of March.




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