Briqstiq by qaramel
Briqstiq by qaramel

Briqstiq lets you charge your MacBook every time you need to.

We've used MacBooks for years - and we love the simplicity of the MagSafe adapter: the slim cable, the compact square box, and the magnetic 'snap' to the MacBook.

But not every wall socket can hold the MagSafe - how well we know the 'clunk' of it falling to the ground at the moment we most need to plug in for charging.

It's a simple problem: the springs in the socket are too weak - often through overuse in public places (cafes, airports, hotels etc.)

Briqstiq solves this problem simply, elegantly and permanently.

With an entry-pledge of only USD 10 (plus shipping) for one briqstiq (for Air or Pro) - be one of the first to support our campaign! 

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