There's more to life than meets the eye.
There's more to life than meets the eye.

As a kid in school sitting in the classroom, how’d you feel when the teacher broke up the drudgery with “Let’s take a trip to the computer lab!” or “Time for Oregon Trail!”? Excited. Energized. Invigorated. That’s why we created Coobri. It’s time to bring that elation back into the learning process.

“The future has finally arrived. Coobri is a truly immersive, groundbreaking virtual reality platform that holds infinite potential and promise.” - Dr. Mark Voelker, Ph.D, Optical Sciences & Engineering, University of Arizona, 1993

One significant obstacle that mankind faces in the 21st century is how to utilize the mountains of data we’ve cultivated as a species in our quest for knowledge. To address this, Coobri is working with national university labs to find out how wearable technology, 3D simulations, augmented reality, and even simulated reality can bring us one step closer to seeing and solving these big data problems in a new way.

So what sets Coobri apart from the competition? Put simply, it’s the cutting-edge technological foundation that our platform is built upon. We are leveraging an entirely new way of thinking about 3D graphical user interfaces, immersion, and interaction that is based on a next-generation and inherently future-proof development framework. The Coobri advantage is decidedly unlike any other approach that has been brought to market, and effectively paves the way for a new generation of data visualization technologies.

The Coobri community is truly a meeting of the minds. Headed by CEO Peter Kozlowski (MA, International Relations & Business, City University of New York, 2009) who brings over twenty years of business administration, sales, and marketing experience to the role, we also include within our ranks chief officers from cryonics company Trans Time, cancer research company DiaCarta, technology company Nvidia, and local university researchers, creative directors, and artists.

Those who know history have the power to repeat it. Forty years ago, no one thought the PC would change the world. The same for smartphones just two decades later. Coobri is spearheading the next paradigm shift. Transcendence isn’t just science fiction any more.

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