BrewQube: The intelligent draft system & portable vessel that re-envision the kegerator.
BrewQube: The intelligent draft system & portable vessel that re-envision the kegerator.

This project has already launched.


BrewQube is a convenient, interactive countertop draft beer system that is brilliantly designed to enhance the way you enjoy your favorite craft beer at home or on the go. 


The Draft System’s advanced technology provides you with the ability to customize and monitor your beer’s vitals (i.e., temperature, beer volume, and gas level), to ensure the beverage you’re enjoying is always top-notch.

Most beer drinkers have dealt with clunky keg exchanges or have been underwhelmed by the short lifespan and volume constraints of a four-pint growler — we know there’s nothing worse than the thought of a premium craft beer getting skunky. With more than 20,000 beer brands in the U.S. alone, every craft beer is one-of-a-kind and deserves special attention. 

By utilizing the BrewQube Draft System, your beverage can be tailored with precision, will stay fresh for a month, and is on-demand whenever you want it.






When it comes to preservation, it's important to have access to beverage vitals to ensure that your craft beer is alive and well at all times.

The front-facing, easy-to-read digital display of the BrewQube Draft System allows for control and detail on everything you care about most, to assure that quality and taste are never sacrificed.  


The Draft System is WiFi-equipped, so you can remotely monitor these statistics from anywhere via the login portal (and eventually by app). Customizable alerts from the integrated sensors will even let you know if your beer or gas levels are getting low! 

While within the BrewQube Draft System, your craft beer is cold, pressurized, and protected from light to preserve brewery-quality freshness for a minimum of 30 days.





BrewQube’s innovative, medical-grade quick-connect interface makes bringing your favorite craft beer home with you a snap. The proprietary plug-and-pour system allows the vessel to slide smoothly along guide rails to lock into the Draft System in one step with a simple press: just slide-and-dock. 


Once docked into the Draft System, BrewQube is ready to dispense a pour that replicates an incredible drinking experience beyond the brewery, from the convenience of your home. Ready for a refill? A simple press of the quick-release handle disengages the BrewQube with ease.




BrewQube can be filled from the tap with your beer of choice at almost any brewery or taproom that fills growlers.







The BrewQube vessel (some of our beta testers call it “the Qube”) is the perfect addition to your adventures. Strategically designed to be compact and portable, its ergonomic handles allow for easy transport, stacking and storage.


With versatility in mind, the BrewQube fits inside most standard coolers and can be used with a mobile connection kit (add $100 to your pledge to pre-order this kit) for on-the-go access to fresh craft beer anywhere.   


Constructed of a durable and safe high-density polymer material, the BrewQube vessel can withstand almost any bump, nick, or drop thrown its way.






Each BrewQube container is expertly engineered to hold 288 fluid ounces of your favorite beverage; an ideal amount to host guests, share at social gatherings or consume from your kitchen countertop.

BrewQube’s stylish aesthetic offers adaptability to be right-at-home in any kitchen, outdoor BBQ, or wo/man cave without occupying too much valuable real estate.

The entire BrewQube Draft System is roughly the size of a microwave, fitting snugly under overhead cabinets and seamlessly integrating into your everyday life.


The compact BrewQube vessel is built for space-maximizing storage and stackability. We think you might even want to have an extra BrewQube on-hand when hosting friends (add $90 to your pledge for each additional BrewQube).




A high-end appliance deserves an exquisite look and feel, and we intend to deliver. With a brushed stainless steel finish, the Draft System adds an elegant, modern design element to any home or work space.


Although we’ve already created an exclusive BrewQube tap handle for our premium faucet, the industry-standard mount accepts custom tap handles to make each BrewQube dispenser uniquely yours.
























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