Brewin' USA
Brewin' USA

This project has already launched.

"Refreshing, Bold, and Bubbling with Interaction", this is the 2-5 player Euro Game for the Craft Beer Enthusiast.  

Sign up for the Early Access for a chance to win Custom Brewin' USA items.  

  • Beer Flight
  • Beer Mug
  • Beer Coaster set

As ale entrepreneurs...

...leading the craft beer revolution, you've just landed yourself a start-up brewery.  With a few old family beer recipes in hand, you dream one day of becoming the greatest brewery in the nation.  

You will need to master the art of brewing and launch your Craft Beers tailoring them to win popularity within the regions of the USA. Your beer selection and placement will need to be tactful to control specific craft brew hot spots yet strategic to win the praise of entire regions where the most successful brewery will emerge victorious.







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