Brewbarrel: the fastest and easiest way to brew your own beer
Brewbarrel: the fastest and easiest way to brew your own beer

This project has already launched.

Have you ever been standing in front of the beer shelf without any idea what to choose? No certain beer style that intrigued you? Only the standard beers which all somehow taste the same and don’t have any character at all? We know this feeling.

We are a German based startup and you might be surprised that we say so, as it is said that Germany would be the land of the beer. Well, this has changed. Unfortunately, for most breweries, high-volume beer sales are more important than creating a unique taste. Our beer shelves are dominated by those big breweries and they don’t put a lot of passion into their beer. Therefore, we decided in 2012 to brew our own beer at home.

As most of the existing home brewing solutions either didn’t produce good results or were very complicated and time consuming. We set off to rethink the process of home brewing and developed the so far easiest and most simple solution to:

 No preliminary knowledge or special equipment is required. Simply customize your beer on the Brewbarrel website, get all ingredients already weight up delivered to your home and simply start brewing. After just one week you can tap and enjoy your customized home brewed beer fresh from the keg.

With the Brewbarrel Concept you can, step-by-step, customize your beer to your desires. We offer different types of beers, hops and natural flavors. With all the combination possibilities you can create more than 30.000 unique tasting beers. We developed an intuitive web-interface where you can create your own beer in three simple steps. It was never easier to craft your own beer. You will become master brewer within three simple steps:

We put a lot of effort into making the home brewing process as easy and convenient as possible. As with the Brewbarrel you are directly brewing in the keg you don’t have any cleaning effort at all. Also all ingredients came to you already weight up to your order so that you can directly start brewing. We also developed a special pressure control valve which ensures that your home brewed beer will become a guaranteed success. Together with the special yeasts you will be able to brew your own beer in just one week. This makes it convenient to brew your beer just in time for any occasion where you want to enjoy a special drink.

You can craft just the right beer to suit your tastes on the Brewbarrel website. Our premium natural ingredients and the gentle brewing process give you the most delicious beer possible, complemented by a fine, smooth, naturally sparkling effervescence. Your home-brewed beer leads to new tasting experiences and new ways of spending time together.

On the Brewbarrel website you can easily create your own beer. The website will guide you through three intuitive steps where you simply add your favorite ingredients to your customized beer creation. We offer various beer styles, selected hop varieties and different types of natural flavors. Those include wood chips – delivered in small cotton bags – and high-quality plant extracts - delivered in small bottles as liquids. With all the different possibilities you can order more than 30.000 unique tasting beers. On the Brewbarrel homepage you can also inform yourself about the suppliers and the origin of all ingredients. If you have any questions we will always be there for you.

The Brewbarrel is the fastest and easiest way to brew your own beer. With just a few steps you will become a master brewer. You don’t have to worry about anything. We will ship you all necessary equipment, a simple step-by-step instruction and all ingredients already weight up to your customized beer creation. You simply have to add all ingredients into the brew barrel dissolve them in hot water and seal with the pressure control valve. After that you only have to wait until the fermentation is finished and put your Brewbarrel in the fridge for cold resting. After just one week you can enjoy your home brewed beer fresh from the barrel.

You can treat your friends and family to something really special with your Brewbarrel. Your Brewbarrel fits to every occasion. It’s great for garden parties, a company celebration, a house warming party or a common dinner.

We want to bring back passion to the taste of beer and want to make beer a great experience. The brewing experience and the enjoyment afterwards are perfect for sharing with friends and family.

Your home-brewed beer leads to new tasting experiences and companionship.

Look forward to the moment when you not only just drink your beer with friends, but really experience it.

All Brewbarrel Brewing Kits contain some basic components. These are the empty five liter keg as fermentation tank, a step-by-step instruction, the pressure control valve, three drip mats and all necessary ingredients to brew five liters of your favorite beer. These include around 700 g of malt extract, 10 ml hop extract and 4 g of yeast. If you order a customized beer brewing kit you will of course additionally get the flavors of your choice. Especially for Kickstarter we thought up a few really special home brewing kits which will make your beer brewing experience ever more special.

Since the Brewbarrel Concept was established home brewing really got a big thing all over Germany and we already sold over 40.000 customized home brewing kits in Germany. From the very beginning we also received many requests from all over the world. Unfortunately we weren’t able to fulfill these requests. Our production capacities are limited and international food logistics are complicated. But as we want to share our passion with as many people as possible and want to provide the possibility to easily brew and enjoy beer customized to your taste with everyone, we figured out a plan. This is where you come in. We already did the groundwork and developed the Brewbarrel Concept, but we need your help to take it to the world! Of course we want to pay you back for your support and have therefore created some really cool Brewing Kits as Kickstarter Pledges. If our campaign will be successful we will also launch the mybrewbarrel website by the end of the year. From there on you will be able to continually order your customized Home brewing kit from all over the world. But be aware, that:

Unhappy with the little variety in commercial beer and the complicated home brewing process we went back to the drawing board in 2012 and decedid to completely rethink the process of home brewing. After six months of hard work, the first batch of beer brewed with the Brewbarrel concept was ready to be tasted. We tapped the keg, tasted it, and it was simply fantastic! As we only wanted the best and natural ingridients for our home brewed beer, we tried many different hops, yeasts and malts. While we were still working out our recipes, more and more of our friends expressed an interest in using Brewbarrel to brew at home themselves. They couldn’t believe that brewing could be so quick and easy and that beer could taste so delicious with the Brewbarrel concept. Over the following months, friends descended upon us with their flavor requests. We improved Brewbarrel with further recipes, different types of beer and various flavors. All of our friends and family were truly excited about the home-brewed beer! More and more people wanted to test out Brewbarrel, and slowly but surely, we could no longer manage production out of our own kitchen. Therefore we thought:

So we started searching for a more suitable way to share Brewbarrel – not only with our friends, but also with everyone who has a passion for beer. We decided to sail off into the unknown and establish our own little company. It was an amazing and very exciting point in time for us. We had lots of work to do – and many evenings we came close to sleeping in our office. During this period, deep bonds were formed between us, anchoring Brewbarrel even more profoundly in our hearts. We could hardly believe we had made it this far! By 2013, we hoped our work would take on a bit of routine. But through a network of proud home brewers, our idea spread so fast that we could hardly cope with the growing demand. Home brewing really started to be commonplace in Germany and everyone wanted to become a master brewer.

Please back our project and help us take the next step and make home brewing commonplace everywhere. With your support we will be able to purchase a new filling line, increase our capacity’s and optimize our logistic processes so that we are able to ship customized packages worldwide.   

An interesting Team of distinctive persons is one of our Brewbarrel guarantors of success. To observe the brewing-scene from different perspectives and to center the beer experience back to society with all of our passion is one of our goals and fun never gets a raw deal at work!

 Brewbarrel inspires each day new going-to-be master brewers. Whether they are longing for their first home brewed beer or as proud previous home brewer .To guarantee the best possibilities to all home brewers there’s a motivated Team at the Brewbarrel office.

The offered flavors are as multifaceted as the personalities in our Team. And like the Brewbarrel always gets a harmonized result our team does it too. With passion, fun and constant controls of our beer it’s finally the team what makes Brewbarrel a success.

 Rish and Challenges

Brewbarrel has made and shipped already thousands of different packages. We also had a big deal in Germany – fully delivered without delay. We know what it takes, how long it takes and we know how to get it done.
There are, however, some possible risks.

As you surly noticed, our package doesn’t contain alcohol, but the result does! So please abide by the national age limit for the consumption of alcohol.

Supplies: Because of our love for natural and sustainable ingredients we are depend on our supplier. If our supplier were to go out of business, we’d had a problem. But, one must ask, could a company making such awesome flavors go out of business? If so, we’ve already secured the right to purchase enough flavors to deliver this campaigns rewards – so it shouldn’t pose a problem.

Certification: Certification is tough, but we think it’s important to you knowing what inside your home brewed beer is. That’s why we have a cooperation with the independent and governmental accredited research institute of Weihenstephan.

Fulfilment Troubles: No such thing! If it’s necessary we pack up your Brewbarrel on our own! We love our product and we want it in your hands and in your refrigerator.

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