Brew Soldier - Grade 5 Titanium Bottle Opener
Brew Soldier - Grade 5 Titanium Bottle Opener

This project has already launched.

The Brew Solider

Meet Brew Soldier, your key chain warrior. At the size of a standard house key, the Brew Soldier falls in line on your key chain. Cut from Grade 5 Titanium and featuring an Eagle Grip Tooth, this opener never slips when called to action. Additionally, the Orbital Grey finish adds that extra bit of stealth that your bottle opener deserves. The unique shape keeps your keys looking professional yet always beer ready.

Don't slip, get a grip with the Brew Soldier bottle opener.

All in 1 Kickstarter Project

We are back for our second project with a special campaign as part of a promotion Kickstarter is running called All in 1This campaign will only last for 7 days with only one reward tier. 

Since we are only allowed to offer one product and no variations we thought we would do something special for our backers by offering the Brew Soldier in the one-of-a-kind Orbital Grey finish, a stretch goal during our last Kickstarter, Pry.Me. This grey finish is very unique. It was developed for use on the NASA solar arrays currently up in space. We found the company that applies this finish during our last project, explained our Kickstarter story and got them onboard to apply it to our openers. We have maintained our relationship with this vendor and are excited to offer this previous stretch goal as a standard finish for Brew Soldier!

We hope you are as excited as we are to have the opportunity to participate in Kickstarter's pretty awesome All in 1 campaign!

Cheers, Brian and Team Pry.Me

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