Breakup Cookies
Breakup Cookies


My ex-boyfriend's mother's top secret family recipe ;)



These cookies have become strangely famous in my social circles over time. Perhaps it’s the irresistible pull of mystery as the recipe has been shrouded in Illuminati-like obscurity, or perhaps it’s simply that they taste really, really good.

Either way, I’m proud to launch this campaign to make my luscious Breakup Cookies available to a wider audience.

I need to sell at least 100 packages of one dozen cookies in order to justify use of the FDA-approved kitchen that I’m required by law to bake in if I want to sell these commercially (which I do).

Although the specifics of the recipe are protected to unreasonable lengths, the main ingredients and hallmark of the cookies are:

-Chocolate chips

As mentioned above, I’ll be baking these cookies with much love in an FDA-approved kitchen a few miles from my house. The cookies will be packaged in cute little boxes, probably with bows attached, and shipped straight to your house within a couple weeks of the campaign ending.

I’m really excited to finally give my beautiful cookies new homes and hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I have!

♥ Madison

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