BREA & The Baskets Tour/Documentary
BREA & The Baskets Tour/Documentary

This project has already launched.

As an unsigned band we are putting this tour/film together on our own and we have run into some financial road blocks. After producing the Ep ourselves, as well as weekly rehearsals to get ready for this tour we have exhausted what little funds we had between us. So now we are asking our incredible friends, family, and fans for help! We have sat down and put together a budget for this tour. Between Merchandise, Van Rental, Lodging, and Production costs for the documentary we have reached a tight budget of $7,500. This is a bare bones budget that will include everything fore mentioned and will make sure that this tour is the first of many!

Every pledge counts and we have put together a bunch of fun prizes for each amount. You guys are why we love what we do and why we want to get out and play some music for you. Thank you for any help you are willing to give and know that we love and appreciate you so much, see you at the show!

-BREA & the Baskets

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