Brdi: the fold-it-yourself feeder!
Brdi: the fold-it-yourself feeder!

Remember that very first work shop project where you learned to use tools for the first time? Odds are that you built a bird feeder! Here's your chance to re-live that moment (with less mess) and enjoy nature at the same time...

Meet Brdi

Brdi is a clever little bird feeder that arrives flat and folds in minutes. Cut from aluminum and strategically punched to fold by hand, Brdi is tough enough to hold up to wind, weather and the landing & take-off forces of a medium-sized bird. Crafted from light gauge aluminum, powder coated in a range of fun colors, Brdi comes with a hardwood perch and 6' (2m) of paracord line.

When flat, Brdi is 15" X 5.5" (38 cm X 14 cm)... finished, it's 3.5" X 3.5" X 5" (8.9 cm X 8.9 cm X 12.7 cm). 8 simple folds along the dotted lines, insert the perch, string it up, add seed and you're on your way to becoming the most popular fly-in restaurant in your neighborhood. Brdi will hold a several days worth of seed and is just the right size for small to medium size birds.

There are several ways to string & hang Brdi, but we've found that supporting it with the supplied paracord from the ends is the most stable configuration, limiting tipping & spinning, keeping seed in the tray even with powerful mid-sized birds like Cardinals or Bluejays. Smaller birds also find it easy to land, eat, and fly out the other side. The punched fold lines also act as drains to keep the seed dry.

Assembling something yourself is fun!

IKEA furniture, Lego, Macaroni & cheese ...being involved in assembling something makes the experience of having it much more rewarding, even if it's only the last few steps! Assembling Brdi is fun for ANYONE, but is a particularly good way to encourage kids to work with their hands, learn to build things and to enjoy nature just outside the window! 

Fun colors

We've selected a manageable collection of fun colors that we're sure we can deliver. They work well together in any combination - all 4 together is the most interesting! You will be able to make your color choice(s) at survey time...

About the project

We're launching Brdi on Kickstarter to refine the design and hear any ideas that you may have to make Brdi the very best bird feeder ever. Your input is important to us and we love dialog! Your support for this project will help launch Brdi, cover some of our one-time set up charges, pay for tooling purchases and get it ready for production.

Brdi will be produced from aluminum stock and can be easily recycled. The powder coating process we are using is lead-free and yields no emissions or VOC's during the finishing process. Locally sourced components, flat pack shipping and 100% recyclable packaging means a considerably lower environmental footprint across the board. Reducing environmental impact where ever possible is one of our principals.

Fun project fact

On this project, we will be working with a braided cord supplier in Pepperell, MA - a factory that has been in continuous operation since 1917, producing braided cord today on their original 100 year old equipment. We discovered them a couple months ago and have been looking for a project to include them on ever since. We're really looking forward to working with them and sharing the process with you.

Birds love Brdi!

Our neighborhood birds having fun with Brdi prototypes...

About Onehundred

Onehundred is a collection of projects within a project: 100 products, designed & produced within 100 miles of our Boston HQ. Created by my son, Calvin and I, Onehundred connects the amazing manufacturing talents found in our back yard with our enthusiastic international family of supporters - you!

Our first project 2 projects on Kickstarter, Pucs and Tuls, were both big hits with our backer community, with very few production surprises; both shipped on time. Building on this experience, Brdi is our third project with many more to come!

We hope you'll join us - thanks in advance for your support!

- Dave & Calvin

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