Bottled Water Misting Cap
Bottled Water Misting Cap

This project has already launched.

We have developed a very unique cap for bottled water.  The "Mist2o" cap converts your favorite bottled water into "MISTER".  

The fine mist will keep you cool, take it off and have a swig of H2O to hydrate.

The technology that creates the fine mist is patented in 23 countries.  That cost us a small fortune. 

This very unique concept was introduce at the IBWA (International Bottled Water Association) at their annual convention last November in Nashville Tennessee and was met with rave reviews. 

Our pre-selling phase is in full swing with modified tooling starting in January of 2018 and the final product will be shipping in April.  

Each 10 Pack will be selling at retail for $4.99 !  

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