Boston & Stewill - Classic British Design, Swiss Auto Watch
Boston & Stewill - Classic British Design, Swiss Auto Watch

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People talk of ‘disrupting’ markets and ‘redefining’ existing watch designs but in truth there is very little on the market that is affordable, unique and can offer the quality like we are right now with the Tourer.

Founded in 2015, Boston & Stewill are no strangers to Kickstarter having raised £20,000 for their first project, the Tourer II. 

We now return with our fantastic Tourer, a Swiss Made automatic that could possibly be one of the most affordable watches of its kind on the market.  

How can we offer our watches so cheaply to Kickstarter backers and why do we want to be the most affordable Swiss auto on the market?   

It is often highlighted on Kickstarter projects that people can offer their products at huge discounts to RRP because they are cutting out the middle man. To a certain extent there is a lot of truth to this. 

Using Kickstarter means that we can eliminate the need for third party sales people who typically work on a 20% or larger commission rate and work on a sale or return basis. For a start-up this is not a viable way of doing business as we have a minimum order quote of between 300-500 and simply cannot afford to produce this many watches without outside backing. This is why we need you - people buying power!

The other reason we can offer the Tourer at such a discount is that at this stage we are not spending excessive amounts of money on advertising and self-promotion, instead relying on the word of mouth and a social media presence. For this we require your help. Please share this project with your friends, family and anyone that will listen! 

Another key factor to our pricing is not over inflating our RRP like many other brands do. Our RRP of £650 will cover marketing, third party sales and future development of Boston & Stewill products. Our only desire is to enhance and grow our brand, not make a huge profit from our backers. The first backers who are lucky enough to secure a watch for £325 buy one knowing that they are paying close to our base cost after prototyping, design, manufacturing and packaging costs. We really couldn't offer our watches any cheaper. Later backers can still feel confident that they are getting a great deal and will be enabling us to progress as a brand and produce a full run of the Tourer.

We wanted to make quality accessible to the masses with this watch and through the combination of classic British design and Swiss precision, we really feel like we have done just that. 

We here at Boston & Stewill want to grow our brand organically which means that every penny raised is currently reinvested into new product design and development as we strive to bring you the best possible product at an affordable price.


The Tourer concept actually came before the Tourer II (as the name would suggest) but was proving too expensive for a startup like us to produce as a first watch.

We decided to make the second sub-dial the arch shape in a homage to a vintage Bugatti grill. It was a unique shape and kept our design in keeping with the automotive theme our previous watch conveyed.

Following the success of the Tourer II, we were able to take our initial rough sketches and turn them in 3D CAD designs like this:

Before finally adding even finer details and colour to our design to give us an accurate render of our watch:

From here we were able to work with our trusted Swiss manufacturer for the last 6 months, honing our design and refining final details before commissioning the prototypes that you now see.

Our manufacturer is one of Switzerland's finest timepiece manufacturers who have been producing high end automatic watches for over 50 years and who have produced watches for many high end brands. They, like us, only use the finest of components as their reputation relies upon it.


We decided to offer two base models initially - the Black dialed version with white hands, small red second hand, red 60 marker and a black calf leather strap with red stitching. 

Black Dial
Black Dial


And a white dialed version with the cobalt blue hands, blue 60 marker and black calf leather strap with blue stitching.

White Dial
White Dial


We felt that these two base colours were a great starting point and going forward, we may offer other dial colours dependent on the interest and feedback we have. 

  • 42mm Diameter
  • 11.7mm thick
  • 22mm Lug to Lug 
  • 316L Stainless Steel Case 
  • ETA 2895-2 Movement 
  • Domed Sapphire Glass 
  • Open Caseback with Mineral Glass 
  • Engraved Rotor 
  • Calf Leather Strap with Stainless Steel Deployment buckle 
  • Water Resistant to 5ATM


There are plenty of high end features on the Tourer despite its simplistic design. 

Most watches will use mineral crystal for their glass as it is cheaper but we will have no such thing. We only use domed sapphire glass in our watches because sapphire glass is so hard hard that it can boast incredible scratch resistance. The domed element also adds to this strength- acting much like an arch in dispersing force over a greater area. It also looks great!

Domed Sapphire
Domed Sapphire


Once again we have had our logo etched onto the crown of the watch to add that distinctive element to the watch.

Boston & Stewill Detailing
Boston & Stewill Detailing

Another high-end feature of the Tourer includes the open case-back - mineral glass allows the inner workings of the automatic to be seen and shows the ETA 2895-2 off in all its glory. Although the rotor is not engraved on our prototypes, it will finished with the Boston & Stewill name on all final products. 

Open Case Back
Open Case Back


We have stuck with the deployment clasp for the Tourer - made from 316L stainless steel, the deployment is ideal for quick application and removal of your timepiece.

Stainless Steel Butterfly Clasp
Stainless Steel Butterfly Clasp


The finished model will have an engraved rotor
The finished model will have an engraved rotor


We had to use a Swiss automatic in the Tourer. You will see endless amounts of other watches on Kickstarter and on the high street that use Chinese and Japanese movements that are cheaper and claim to be as efficient as the Swiss alternatives that they have based themselves on (some say copied). In truth though there is no better base movement than a Swiss auto and ETA head the list. 

The ETA 2895-2 is a 27 jewel automatic that offers a small second counter in the six o'clock position and a date window at the three o'clock mark. The movement has a frequency of 28,800 bph which means that the small second hand will run incredibly smoothly, offering a sweeping motion as opposed to a ticking. 

ETA 2895-2 in its raw form
ETA 2895-2 in its raw form

The 2895-2 is a quality movement and just a quick look on the internet will reveal what other well-known brands use the movement and what sort of price point they are averaging at - around £1400.00!!  

Tag Heuer Monaco (circa 2008) - £2000.00

Fortis Orchestra - £1,535.00   

Hamilton Jazzmaster - £900.00  

Gucci G-Timeless Auto £1,295.00  

Baume & Mercier Hampton - £1,534.00  

Tissot Classic - £1,193.00  

Bell & Ross BR123 Original - £1,435.00



In summation, baring no huge setbacks, we envisage delivery of the final watch in July 2017.   

Our first stretch goal, should we reach £75,000 will be the offer of an additional dial and strap colour to the series - the grey with orange hands and stitching as below:

A Stretch Goal if we pass £75k
A Stretch Goal if we pass £75k

There will be further stretch goals added should we surpass £75,000.


We all have a passion and Steve Johnston and Will Boddy's revolve around watches. In an age where technology and sleek design seems to have become more prevalent these guys still strive for that classic and practical look. Boston & Stewill started out as a vision to create a stylish, timeless and quintessentially English chronograph and grew from there.

A timepiece should be passed from generation to generation not look dated a year after the owner has made a sizeable investment. Steve and Will want their watches to be as desirable in 50 years’ time as they are now.

Boston & Stewill Founders Steve (Left) and Will (Right)
Boston & Stewill Founders Steve (Left) and Will (Right)













Risks and challenges

As with most products that are manufactured, there is a risk that our watches could be subject to delays and setbacks. We are proud to be able to say that we work with fantastic manufacturers, trusted by many major international brands so the likelihood of delays will be substantially reduced.

We have performed capacity planning and have included a time line to show what backers should anticipate in terms of the timeline we are aiming to hit.

Our team is highly experienced with regards to order fulfillment and will regularly keep our backers up to date throughout the production process. Updates will be provided via email and the usual social media avenues.

In the unlikely event of a setback or delay to delivery, details will be promptly shared and a revised schedule provided. Transparency is key to Boston & Stewill as we want to create a brand you can trust.

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