Born to Serve
Born to Serve

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The good news is that you are a super hero.  The bad news is that the government, owing to the recent recession, has decided to cut funding for your super group.  The loss of income leaves you looking for a new source of revenue to maintain your super heroic lifestyle.  Fortunately, the restaurant across the street from your (now former) base is looking for a new waiter and would be more than willing to have a super powered server on their wait staff.  Unfortunately, all the other members of your group have come up with this exact same plan.  It’s now a fight between you and your (now former) team mates to earn the most tips to land the one server job at the restaurant.  Of course, none of you are above surreptitiously using your powers to help you secure the job.  The one who earns the most tips will win.  That whole crime-fighting can wait till later.

Born to Serve is a board game brawl between two to four jobless superheroes for the last job in the local restaurant....waiting tables.  Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Shoot Again Games has to date run five successful Kickstarters. Our next game will be Bigfoot vs. Yeti.  Born to Serve is planned for 2018.  

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