Borealis Roleplay
Borealis Roleplay

Borealis Roleplay is an upcoming Garry's Mod semi-serious/serious roleplay community. It existed from late 2013 to mid 2014 when the community ran out of funds. In the time we did have the money to run it we were considered one of the best HL2RP servers around and maintaned a solid 35-40 players. We had a ready and able administration team and made our own content for it.

Now we have support again to start it up. However, we need help financially and to make the experience even better we are going to hire professional coders to make custom content as well as graphic designers and model designers. We plan to use a professionally made website with a paid forum. We will even make our own map, which we will need the supporters help to make suggestions :).

We have a steam group:

Thanks again!

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