Book of Accomplishments
Book of Accomplishments

Inspired by Marc Andreessen's blog post, quoted here:

"What you do is this: every time you do something -- anything -- useful during the day, write it down in your [Book of Achievements].

Each time you do something, you get to write it down and you get that little rush of endorphins that the mouse gets every time he presses the button in his cage and gets a food pellet.

And then at the end of the day, before you prepare tomorrow's page, take a look at today's card and its achievements and marvel at all the things you actually got done that day.


Another day well spent, and productive.

I love this technique -- being able to put more notches on my accomplishment belt, so to speak, by writing down things on my Anti-Todo list as I accomplish them throughout the day makes me feel marvelously productive and efficient. Far more so than if I just did those things and didn't write them down.

Plus, you know those days when you're running around all day and doing stuff and talking to people and making calls and responding to emails and filling out paperwork and you get home and you're completely exhausted and you say to yourself, "What the hell did I actually get done today?"

Your [Book of achievements] has the answer."


Book of Accomplishments BLACK + GOLD

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