The best Flip Flops ever!
The best Flip Flops ever!

Everyone loves flip flops. And everyone loves boobies.

We decided to have a little fun connecting the both of them. Introducing Boobie Flops – the world’s first flip flops with embedded silicone implants. Yep, you heard it right - silicone implants!

What started out as a conversational joke over drinks has now become one of the most comfortable things you’ll ever slip your feet on.

Silicone insoles for shoes have been around for a while, and a lot of people swear by them for the added comfort and ease. Our flip flops incorporate the same process for embedding silicone implants inside our products.

Boobie Flops are ultra cool, fashionable and unbelievably comfortable.

We're launching soon on Indiegogo with 10 incredible designs that can be bought for as low as $16!

Frequently asked questions

  • How big are the implants? Well, they are certainly not 36 D's. We tried with them to be honest - but it was really difficult to even stand up straight! Jokes aside, we use small implants that are both - practical and fun!
  • Are these safe to wear? Certainly. We tested Boobie Flops on jungle treks and rocky places. The silicone implants are insulated and completely safe!
  • Why silicone implants? Well to be honest, more than anything else - they feel really good on the feet. And you always know that it's the same stuff as...
  • Can I choose the size of implants? No way you perv! We suggest that you look somewhere else for your special "needs"
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