Bondi XL - The Ultimate Tablet Holder
Bondi XL - The Ultimate Tablet Holder

Welcome the new must-have gadget to our Bondi family.
The first tablet holder that you can hang everywhere.

My name is Lior Avrahami. Two years ago, I invented the Bondi flexible phone holder and received many requests from people to invent a similar solution for a tablet.

Please watch the Bondi first generation video to understand the were the Bondi XL concept came from:

Today I'm happy to introduce to you the new Bondi XL

The Bondi XL is made of the same materials that the other products in our range are made of: Flexible strong metal with silicone cover.

The Bondi XL allows you to hang the tablet vertically and horizontally according to your needs.

The Bondi XL allows you to keep your tablet's cover on while in use. It comes in 6 lively colors, light weighted and very simple to use.

What can the Bondi XL do for you?

1. It is a protection for your tablet.
2. It is convenient to carry due to the hook on top of the product.

3. The flexible material allows you to bend the hook and turn it into a stable tablet stand for watching movies, Skype calls and playing games.

4. You can hang it on the back of the passenger / driver's seat while you're driving so your children can watch movies and play games during your journey. 

5. You can hang it in the kitchen while you're cooking to refer to recipes and listen to music or chat on Skype. 

6. Imagine sitting on the beach/ camping out/ on the train/ on the bus being able to hang your tablet practically everywhere for your convenience.

Checkout the next images to learn more about what can you do with the Bondi first generation reward:

The next images demonstrate the Steps to design the Bondi XL:

We need your support!


In order to provide the Bondi XL by Jun 2014, we need funding to purchase a faster laser engraver.

We need your help in any way you can think of: Facebook share, twitter and a simple email with the project link to your friends and family.


We're so excited about this project because we know you're going to use the Bondi XL in so many ways and just absolutely L O V E it.

About me and my team:
Hi, my name is LIOR AVRAHAMI and I am 45 years old.

For the past 25 years I've been developing and designing products for a living, but more than that – it is my passion! I travel a lot and visit trade shows all over the world to find out what is new on the market and to get some new ideas.

In my spare time I think, think and think some more… I constantly think and get excited by new ideas and ways to develop them!

In the year 2007 I founded a company in Miami, FL with my partner: SIMA DAN.

Sima is in charge of the marketing in the USA. Every year we exhibit new products that we have designed and developed, at various trade shows all over Europe/ Asia/ the world /States.

Soon, I realized that in order to provide great service and high product quality, I will need assistance.

I recruited ITAI BEN DAVID and STEV DAGAN to our team.

Thank you in advance for taking such a big part in bringing
the Bondi XL to life.



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