Bombshell Waist Trainer
Bombshell Waist Trainer

Introducing the B0MBSHELL WAIST TRAINER. The world's most technologically advanced and comfortable waist trainer.

We’ve re-imagined the waist trainer, and created a more powerful design with the active woman in mind.The Bombshell Trainer uses the latest in fitness technology to enhance your experience giving you increased ability to feel and look attractive in any environment. Giving you a wealth of fitness information in a package that is the most comfortable form fitting sport waist trainer you will ever wear.


DISCOVER how you can get a fabulous waistline instantly using our new intelligent fitness technology!


YOU can simplify your life with convenient zippered pocket. Now your cash, keys, and credit cards are safe!

EXPERIENCE how comfortable this new waist trainer is for you. This product can be worn under your clothes, or you can take it to the gym, or you can wear it when you run outside and let it work with you to help you achieve the healthy look you wish.

TRUST professional design experience

ENDORSED by fitness professionals

IMAGINE yourself in one of these sexy Bombshell Waist Trainers. Love yourself in workout clothes all over again. Get that extra pep knowing everyone will want to know where you got your cool hip new waist trainer.

BE THE FIRST TO KNOW THE SECRET to having an amazing figure without the hassle! A Bombshell Waist Trainer will leave you looking and feeling fabulous in front of your friends. You'll be the Queen with your crew!



(Use your hip measurement to determine your size. To measure your hips, stand straight up with both feet together. Next get a measuring tape and measure around the fullest part of your hips and rear. You can do this over your underwear but not over clothes. Make sure you keep the tape parallel to the floor when doing this.)

Join us in making this new technology happen! Please pledge and share the Bombshell Waist Trainer Kickstarter now!

Thank you!

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