BOLTT Wearables - Unlimited Health & Fitness  Guidance In your Pocket
BOLTT Wearables - Unlimited Health & Fitness Guidance In your Pocket

This project has already launched.

                         Experience the World’s First AI Mobile Trainer

A Connected Ecosystem

A Health and Fitness platform that captures data from a wide range of devices, apps and a collection of Boltt Wearables. The data is analyzed to give personalized and automated health feedback, by the Boltt Mobile App. 

Get Actual Results

Boltt does not just track your data but converts it into actionable feedback using Artificial Intelligence.Now access detailed insights on your health and fitness, and learn how to improve.

Build Your Own Transformation Story

Now access guided programs customized to you and unlimited personal coaching that makes all the difference.

Boltt Fitness Tracker

Flaunt a new style every day, Luxury metallic look or the classic colour collection. A style for every occasion.

Features: Activity Tracking, Movement Detection, Automatic Sleep Tracking, Accessory Band, Sedentary Reminders, Silent Alarm, Social Media And Caller Alerts

Boltt Stride Sensor

Make any shoe smart, track your live fitness, running and sports data. Developed to empower athletes and coaches with smart data, the Boltt Stride Sensor intends to drive them towards smarter training decisions and better performance, with its advanced technology.


Data Metrics - Distance, Time, Speed, Steps, Calories Burnt, Cadence

Motion Sensing - Acceleration, Workout Efficiency

Sports Tracking - Soccer, Rugby, Hockey, Baseball


Boltt Health & Fitness Application

Meet Boltt Interactive: It will guide you with motivation, science, and personalized assistance, in a fun interactive way. The objective is to empower you to make the best possible choices, to lead a healthier lifestyle.




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