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bokkets are unique pocket tees with a twist. We use creativity to promote positive change.


Steven and Michelle Lin

Hello! Yes, we are a sibling power duo. Steven (in the blue, oh wait...) is a sophomore studying Entrepreneurship and Professional Sales at Indiana University. Michelle will be a Fashion Design major in the fall with Steven. Our two person operation has since grown (a little) to make bokkets what it is today, a lot of friends have been so helpful to make bokkets possible. Seriously, I couldn't have done it without you guys. Finally, a big shoutout to you, the supporter and believer, probably the two most important roles in any success story. Thank you!


bokket's brand is built from the 3 C's: Creativity, Community, and Change.

Creativity: Pockets not shaped like traditional, boring pockets?? That's pretty dang creative! In time, we want everyone to be able to unleash their inner creative genius and show off what bokkets they can create.

Community: Without the help and support from our community and friends, bokkets would have not been possible. To give back, we want to create a vibrant and loving community where we can all work together to create positive impacts in our societies.

Change: Finally, the most important component of all, change. Each bokket will be linked with a social cause that is changing our society in a positive way. Proceeds from each sale will go towards that specific cause. What's better than rocking a Pride Heart bokket to fight for equality, a Pizza bokket to end world hunger, or a Baby Bok(ket) to save the environment??


Aside from our own bokket collection we release, we will be working on a bokket community creations shop. We want anyone to be able to submit their own designs and make them available to everyone. It's a great opportunity for the creators to unleash their creativity, help promote their social causes, and even make some money!


bokkets Collection 1

The first collection of bokkets will be available in white and include only three different style: Pride Heart, Pizza, and Baby Bok. Our backers will have exclusive access to black colored t-shirts before everyone else. Each design is unique in their own way and part of the proceeds will go to a positive social cause. Once we reach our fundraising goal, we will have more color options, sweaters, tanks and more, so be on the lookout for updates!

Pride Heart bokket

Pizza bokket

Baby Bok bokket

We would love to see how creative you can be with bokkets, so go follow our Instagram: @my.bokkets and Twitter: @bokkets and use the tag #bokkets so we can see, love, and share! 

Collection 1 Options

bokkets Collection 1


Don't forget to take advantage of our Early Bird specials, get them while they are in limited supply! Rewards are listed on the side, so feel free to pick one that lets you show off your uniqueness. We will make every effort to make sure the bokkets get in your hands. Thank you all in advance!!!


bokkets are made with super soft, high quality, Next Level jersey tees. The fabric is 60% combed ringspun cotton and 40% polyester lightweight jersey. Super soft!


The $3,000 we raise will go into our first run of production, cost of development, sourcing and introduction of the other styles including tanks and sweaters. Of course, the more we raise together, the earlier the vision of bokkets can be achieved!

Due to Kickstarter's rules, the money raised through this campaign will strictly go to production, development, and sourcing purposes. Proceeds from the first run of production will not go towards any social causes. After the campaign is over and the bokkets shop is officially open, then our first steps to fulfilling our vision will begin!


If you love our campaign or know someone who will, please don't hesitate to help them be a part of something positive and spread the word!

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