Board Game Heroes
Board Game Heroes




The world of Aeons is at war by two warring factions. The Verdant Vigilants who seek to protect the last remaining Elder

tree that gives life to the world of Aeons and permanently seal the Infernal Drift; While 

the Crimson Raven who seek destruction of the Elder tree and cover the whole world with ashes and deaths. 


The fate of the world is resting upon your shoulder; Only you can decide which this two faction will emerge


A dice battle platform for your favorite game board hero/miniature 
or anything you want.

Game Idea/Rules:

Board Game Heroes


6 players maximum

2 players minimum



3 vs 3 gameplay



Each player has only 1 lane to protect


Winning condition 


A player must reach the enemy base to destroy it; They will push their enemy until they

can the reach the enemy base. 


If the player has reach their goal. The enemy base will receive  damage. Each base has only 10 hit points.


After the player reach the base of the enemy from their designated lane; both of them must

go back their starting lane and start dice battling again.






Each player will be given 2 pieces of dice to use. 





Each player per team will roll a 2 dice to know how many movements and mana they will take;

The highest value of dice that the player will be deducted by the highest value of 

the opposing player.


for example:


In your turn you dice rolls 5-6

While the enemy dice rolls 4-5


Then they will use the highest value of each other's die and deduct it to get the movement result & mana accumulation.


6-5 = 1 the player will receive 1 movement and mana.


Mana Points


Mana points are used to activate skills. 


Mana Sharing


Each team can share their mana to their teammate on their turn. They will be given an option to share their mana or make a move;Each player can only share maximum of 2 mana to their teammate.



Tile events


Each tile has a event to boost the gaming experience by giving the players skills that they can use in their battle. They will draw a card from the skill deck whenever they stepped on a designated point/spot. 




Each skills has corresponding mana points to cast skills to gain upperhand to the opposing

team. Only 1 skill can be used per turn.


Each player is allowed only to hold 5 cards in their hand; To receive another card one must discard a card from their deck.




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