This project has already launched.

My name is Fabio Villari, CEO and President of Viaggiatori, L.L.C.. I recently launched an App for IOS, which is called Blulug.You can view it by following this link ; Blulug is a social media platform for travelers. Just by creating a trip you can easily meet and get in touch with other travelers that share the same destination as you. You can post pictures, information and make friends before you embark on your journey. Blulug can introduce you to fellow travelers whom are traveling during the same time to the same destination. This means you can contact travelers with similar interests before you begin your adventure and meet with them during your travels. Blulug was launched in January 2017 and currently has more then 1000 users,simply by word of mouth,without any advertisement.

Risks and challenges

Blulug emerges from one of the biggest markets in the world, Tourism.
Once we have a growing number of users, every company in the field of tourism
from airplane companies to hotels to search engines, and other companies
specializing in the tourism industry may be a potential advertising client for my
company. Once we have their target audience using Blulug, they become
ideal advertising clients.
Blulug was launched in January 2017 and currently has more the
1000 users, simply by word of mouth. After speaking with my developer, I intend to create an Android Version. With the assistance of investors, my goal is to introduce new users and
build the biggest community of travelers of any application available to date. The only risk could be at this stage to deal with some big competitor.
There are some Applications in the market like Trip Advisor, or Gogobot which
also emerges from tourism. However, these companies are not direct competitors
because there is really no other social media platform for travelers only where they
can chat about their travels and meet one another during their travels.

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