BlueRX : Wireless Earbuds Designed for Style
BlueRX : Wireless Earbuds Designed for Style

Just because the old brick cell phones were ugly didn’t mean we stopped using cell phones. And just because the first wave of Bluetooth headsets was ugly doesn’t mean we should move away from the technology. It’s incredibly useful, but Bluetooth headsets just haven’t found a lasting, iconic look. Until now.


The BlueRx wireless headset manages to look good, even at the size of a coin. These noise-cancelling in-ear headphones are designed to go seamlessly from listening to music to accepting phone calls, when paired with the latest mobile devices. The Lithium-polymer battery takes less than an hour to charge, and will pick up a signal up to 10 meters away.  It’s everything you want in a Bluetooth headset, with a look that will make you want to actually wear it.





Compact Size

These premium in-ear headphones are about the size of a small coin but they sure do pack a punch and offer users nothing but superior quality audio!

Completely Wireless

Tired of fussing with bulky wires and cables? Now you can experience convenience at its best thanks to the unique wireless design of our Bluetooth ear buds.

Easy to Use

Simply sync your BlueRx wireless headphones with any portable Bluetooth compatible device such as your smartphone, a tablet or a laptop to start listening to music instantly. The headphones have a Bluetooth range of approximately 10 meters and they feature a sleek play/pause button for effortless operation.


Never again miss an important call! The BlueRx headphones allow you to listen to all of your favorite music tracks, but they also feature a noise-canceling microphone in order to give you the ability to receive or make calls.

Elegant Design

Now you don't have to worry about switching headphones when it's time to head back to work. The innovative design is not only functional but also simple, discreet and incredibly elegant.


Moisture Resistant

The exterior of BlueRx headphones is made out of silicone in order to make them resistant to sweat and moisture. This means you can enjoy your tunes or answer calls while participating in any rigorous activity at the gym, while out for a run or perhaps while out on a challenging bike ride.






They’re small but they’re built to go where you do. Durable, waterproof silicone construction means that they stand up to moisture and drops on the ground. But with earhooks, your set will likely stay on all day, and won’t miss a note from your music or call from a client. The sleek surfaces and simple design don’t scream for attention, but do let people know that you’re well-connected – if they even notice it’s there.

Now is the time to think about this year’s gift list. Special occasions come up fast, and it’s always great to be prepared! And BlueRx isn’t all about the blue. With our wide range of colors, everyone is taken care of; you don’t have to tell them that you got a great deal. Other perks will be announced as the campaign continues. As a donor to our campaign, you are part of our family, and we take care of our own.






We have put in months of development and invested personal funds in creating the prototype and finalizing our distribution channels - now we need your support to take it to the finish line! We’re proud of it, to say the least. Thus, the biggest incentive we can offer is the product itself. The BlueRX will never be offered at this price again, so make your donation today! You’ll be one of the first ones to receive the stylish BlueRx headset, and will have gotten the best bargain on it as well.






Our prototypes look great – as you can see! With our supply chain in place, we’re just about ready to place our initial order, which will get the ball rolling to make BlueRx the go-to Bluetooth set. Many designs are out there, but the team BlueRx believe that ours is the shape they will come to be known by.








Our device comes in the following colors: Black, white, red, silver and gold. You will be able to choose your preferred color when we contact you to confirm your shipping address. 








Development stage



BlueRX is fully prototyped and is currently undergoing a technical enhancement phase where we are experimenting with ways to make our product even better. The full model, however, is complete as promised in the details above. 


Why we need your support


BlueRX is a tested prototype and we require your support to scale our manufacturing and bring them into the market.

BlueRX has successfully become a fully working prototype. We have utilized our best resources in engineering and development to create a technically adept and beautiful product. We are excited to bring this unique product to the market, and we’re certain that many people would love BlueRX! We require you to support us by backing this campaign – once we reach our goal, BlueRX will complete manufacturing and be shipped to our valued supporters.

How you can help?


Your help can allow us to make our campaign even better. If you want to support us in other ways than backing us, you can:

·  Provide your feedback. We appreciate your feedback and constructive criticism can help us improve our product

·  Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, and subscribe to our channel on YouTube

·  Tell your friends about BlueRX and share our product campaign to help us reach our goal

As Bluetooth users know, a little signal boost helps everyone out. Thank you for your support!


Frequently Asked Questions


What is included with the BlueRX earphone?
1 x Wireless Bluetooth Headset 
1 x Charge USB Cable 
3 x Silicone Ear Buds 
1 x English Instruction Manual

How long is the warranty?
We offer a 1 year warranty on all BlueRX earphones. During this one year period we will replace any components, defective materials that may result from any manufacturing issues.

What version of Bluetooth does BlueRX support?
BlueRX supports Bluetooth v4.1 and is back compatible with older versions.

What is the Bluetooth range?
Depending on your surrounding environment, the Bluetooth range will vary between 10-30 meters.

Can I use the earphones with other devices other than my mobile? 
Yes, BlueRX works with any device with Bluetooth connectivity.

How do I control volume?
You can control volume using the connected device.

How does it charge?
We include a special USB cable. You can charge BlueRX using your computer or any wall USB charger.

How long is the charging cable? 
The charging cable is 26 centimeters long.

How long will the battery last?
The Li-polymer battery lasts up to 5 hours of music playback.

How do I pick the color? 
Once you place an order we will send you an email asking to confirm your shipping address and the color you want.

Is it sweatproof?
Yes, BlueRX is 100% sweatproof. Our devices are dust and sweatproof and as such you can use the device when working out. You can also use the device in saunas and steam rooms. However, the device is not waterproof and cannot be used in the shower or when swimming.

How can I order?
The devices can at the moment only be ordered on indiegogo.

Can I order more than one? 
Yes, you can pre-order as many BlueRX as you’d like.

How do I get Early Bird pricing? 
The Early Bird Special is like a Black Friday sale, with only a select quantity available for a limited time only. This means that only a select few (first come) would be able to enjoy the Early Bird Pricing.

Do I need to add the cost of shipping to my contribution?
No, it will be automatically calculated using the ordering system.

How long will shipping take?
We expect the devices to be delivered from July 2016. The dates and all other specifics will be communicated at a later date.



Risks & Challenges


Our goal is to make our supporters enjoy the very best of what BlueRX has to offer, which is we make sure to keep all risks and challenges minimal. We have already mitigated the following risks:

·  Tested and tried for solid use. We have prototyped, developed, and tested our product.

· We have ensured our manufacturer will be ready to manufacture as soon as we reach our funding goal.

·  Quick shipment of large orders. Apart from our expected order, we are also ready to take up large orders.

·  Our customer service team is available to assist our supporters if they face any concern during the fulfillment process.

We are constantly striving to make our campaign as ideal for our supporters as possible. The only challenge we are facing is regarding exposure about our campaign – we require a lot of support to make BlueRX a reality. Our friends and family are already on it, and we request you help us get the word around too!

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