Blood For the Blood God: A Dating Sim
Blood For the Blood God: A Dating Sim

        This game offers 4 dateable AND killable bachelors!

        You will play as a creature of blood, made by the Blood God. The Blood God wants you to hunt down the servants who betrayed him. Because the Blood God is the most attractive (and also the first) guy you have ever seen, and also probably because he created you to be loyal to him, you agree without hesitation. You travel to the human world to track down and kill these servants. They have all (being a bunch of idiots) decided to live in the same area. Hey, makes your job easier, though, huh? The guys, being creatures of blood, are too strong to take head on. To weaken their guard you must earn their trust, their friendship… perhaps even their love. Will you fall in blood, or in love? Will you betray the man who created you? Betray the men who trust you? In the end, will you kiss or kill? The choice is yours.




        After the prologue you will be given the choice to pursue a relationship with Asstaroth, Lucifine, or Beelzebabe. The game plays with traditional Visual Novel mechanics: you will be given various choices throughout the men’s stories that will earn you different kinds of points. The choices will determine whether you kill or date the bachelor whose route you have chosen. Blood God is indeed dateable, though only under certain circumstances.



  • Features the ability to kill bachelors!
  • Allows you to date demons who have punny names.
  • The story is written in second person, which means sassy narration and an overall humorous writing tone.
  • Contains four stories in one! Each of the bachelors’ stories is completely unique.
  • Each route has a distinctive narration style written by three different authors. Enjoy various feisty narrating voices.

     Most of the money will go toward paying the wonderful writers who are working on this project! A fourth of the funds will go toward producing the rewards for all the lovely people who may donate to this project. 15% is needed to keep the company going, this includes website maintenance and trademarking fee. 10% will be used to pay our music making staff member so that we may provide you with some nice tunes while you click your way through! Lastly, 10% is for the kickstarter fee that is applied if our campaign is successful.

Every dollar counts! We're happy to have your support!!!
+ Our heartfelt thanks to you and a digital thank you card!

Wowie Zowie! Thanks very much!!
+ Get the game for free and your name in the credits!
+ Blood Smudge rewards

Goodness Gracious! Thanks a bundle!!!
+ Get 4 stickers, one of each bachelor!
+ Blood Spawn rewards

Wowza!!!! Thank you so much!!!
+ Wallpapers for phone and desktop! (at least 3 for each!)
+ Blood Hound rewards

Holy Moly!!! Thank you, Thank you!!
+ Digital art book!
+ Blood Servant rewards

   Oh My Goodness!!! Thanks Thanks Thanks!!!!
+ Poster of Bachelor of your choice!
+ Button of each bachelor!
+ Get access to beta test first 50% of game!
+ Blood Squire rewards

+ Access to a collection of short digital comics about the characters!
+ Blood Martyr rewards

   + Get all 4 posters!
   + Free Exclusive DLC and free access to any future DLC!
   + Get access to Beta test first 75% of game!
   + Blood Knight rewards

     + Design a character for the game or insert yourself!
     + Blood Lord rewards
     + Only 4 slots!


                   Programmer, Artist, Writer: Crimson Chains                  
                   Writer, Editor: Tajiina AKA Chelsea
                   Writer, Artist: Kaizu AKA Emily


       You can find the gag demo (10 minute silly game) here!

       You can find the Official demo introducing you to all the guys here!

       Anticipated release date for full game as early as August 2017, December 2017 at the latest!

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