Blonde Skateboards
Blonde Skateboards

Blonde Skateboards:

Formed By A Girl Skater

Blonde. A fresh addition to the skateboarding community. For those with an eye for art or cruise on art.


Blonde Skateboards.

Everybody has those 3am thoughts where the best ideas come to mind. Though do we act upon those ground breaking ideas? Well, not all of us. But I am, and it is your help I will need to get it started. It is rare to find a skate brand solely created by a girl or girls, so I will be one of the few. That is one of the points that I think will help this brand stand out, along with the designs that will help freshen up this decades old industry. In addition I hope to eventually release a Blonde clothing line, so as a starting point I plan to produce hoodies. This is the start of Blonde.


Goal: £7100

The money I receive from this campaign will go towards my first set of 400 decks.

"400 decks!" You mumble astounded.

Yes, 400, I know it is a lot. But! This is because the manufacturer I am using isn't any old manufacturer. I’ll be releasing 4 of my many designs, which I am extremely excited about. 




"Why are the decks so expensive you say?" You say.

Well, that's because my decks will be top notch quality. Made by the best deck manufacture there is. If you don't believe me, go look them up, the name is PS Stix. PS Stix is the manufacturer behind most of the biggest and greatest skate brands of all time. Making them an obvious choice for my brand.

Founded by Paul Schmitt aka Professor Schmitt, PS Stix has been creating the most superbly made decks for over 25 years. They are the guaranteed best. Anyway, what is the point of riding a cheaply made deck? Might as well ride a twig. 

Where Do You Get Design Inspiration?

  I am inspired to make designs different from others, appealing to all. I take liking to contemporary art and photography, these influence my designs completely. As does simplicity. If you were to walk into your local skate store it is unlikely you would come across a deck you would gladly hang on your wall or take out to the skate park. I aim for both.



...Make sure to check our Kickstarter for more rewards on launch!

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