BLOCKPOD - Magnetic Camera Accessory
BLOCKPOD - Magnetic Camera Accessory

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BLOCKPOD is a camera accessory which can in some instances replace the need for a tripod. With the use of small yet incredibly strong neodymium magnets, all you need to do is secure BLOCKPOD to your camera, “stick” it to any magnetic surface and enjoy taking great long exposures, stable video footage or capturing a shot from “that hard to reach” spot without worrying about having a tripod with you!

Who we are 

“We” are a team comprising of me (Nikolay Bogdev) as the designer and founder of BLOCKPOD with my father (Dimiter Bogdev) playing the supporting role. I came up with the idea for BLOCKPOD after hearing on multiple occasions that as a photographer I wasn't allowed to use a tripod in certain areas. Another factor that drove me to designing BLOCKPOD is that sometimes, I myself and a lot of my friends who are photographers don't want to be lugging around a tripod all day to maybe, just maybe use it. At an early stage I considered crowdfunding the project however I wanted to be able to keep the costs to you, my backers, to a minimum. This is why we manufactured the first batch by hand but now we want to launch to a much bigger market (the whole world)!  

What we're asking for

At the moment we have successfully sold all of the products we had at hand and we want to go even further by moving to mass production which involves tool making and injection moulding – a costly process. All of the money we have raised from our first run will go towards this however we still need the help and backing of you to bring us to the next step. With what we have achieved so far we believe that with your help, we will succeed in funding this project and making this a product you can all rely on.  

What you receive in return  

As a gratitude of your support we have a variety of rewards available for all of our backers. Once you back this project, you become part of our family and we value and love our family.

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Risks and challenges

It's undeniable that every project has its own unique risks and challenges that may arise at any point. What I can promise is complete transparency if anything was to come up and pose a challenge. This way you will all be aware of what is happening at every stage!

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