BlissPanic - Inspiring Inclusivity in Differences
BlissPanic - Inspiring Inclusivity in Differences

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Investing in BlissPanic means investing in differences.

 0 yrs: Rejected by my father for not having the "right" skin

 8 yrs: Picked at for not knowing one of the languages from my ethnic background

 11 yrs: Told my natural hair was "ugly" and I "should straighten it"

14 yrs: Mocked for preferring to read books over attending parties

16 yrs: Ridiculed for having a speech impediment

But why should what people say define me? Let's embrace our differences. Let's be aliens.


Short Summary

  • Your only label should be your name
  • Investing in BlissPanic means investing in differences
  • Each design is an abstract of what it means to be unique

What We Need & What You Get

Here's a little more detail:

  • We're looking to raise at least $720 and anything helps, a dollar or two dollars, anything
  • You can get an exclusive BlissPanic T-shirt that won't be available in stores after the campaign is over and...
  • There is a discounted combo pack that won't be available at the same low price after the campaign is over
  • Funds will be used to get you guys swagged out in some BlissPanic wear, advertising, supplies, and the Alien Ambassador program

The Impact

  • Conformity and stereotyping shouldn't be a thing
  • This is where BlissPanic comes in 
  • BlissPanic is about, and for, everyone who has been discriminated against and/or supports differences

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't donate, that's completely okay! Here are a few ways to help:

  • Spread the word. Share this campaign page on social media and tag @BlissPanic on Facebook and @blisspanic_tm on Instagram with the hashtag #beanalien

The Alien Project:

  • Share your story of inclusion and/or exclusion.
  • With permission, stories will be shared on BlissPanic's social media pages to foster a community of differences.
  • Send stories to 

Thanks for supporting differences, you're awesome!



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