Blind Fate
Blind Fate

The web series Blind Fate, a mix between Twin Peaks and Silent Hill, is a project stemming out of an idea by Claudio Braggio and Max Chicco, who want to show the peculiarities of lower Piedmont in an unconventional way. “We thought that the web was the most appropriate medium to develop a plot where elements of the real territory mixed with fiction, so as to let our fantasy free to create.” - says Max Chicco (producer and director of the series) - “One day, as we were location scouting in a small village, we heard a furious discussion between a young man and an old truffle searcher who were arguing about money. I wasn't struck by the discussion itself, but by the visible pain that the young man felt.”

This is how the idea of Blind Fate was born, with the aim of telling the story of the Italian province, a hidden and invisible side of this country which is at the same time so full of insights into an untold world. “Blending daily life routine – even the boring one – with old legends transmitted orally from one generation to another, as told by our grandmothers, bearing in mind that suspense and the relationship between the characters were the themes we wanted to develop.”

Miriam and Edoardo are two journalists. Miriam is a young professional always at the ready for a scoop. Edoardo is her cameraman, a thoughtful, action-seeking man who is open to undertake any kind of task with his female colleague. The two of them are traveling in the hills of Asti, in the Montferrat area. They are recording video footage to make a television-documentary. Their intention is to tell the story of this place, so rich in history and tradition, by interviewing the local population. However, during this research they bump into characters way out of the ordinary, who will lead them to extraordinary, and at times dramatic, experiences. Miriam's sixth sense, furthermore, will help to solve inviolable secrets.

Miriam and Edoardo are two “eye-witnesses”. Their wandering in this beautiful land allows the spectator to become a character of the story itself. Through the eyes of the two protagonists the audience can live first hand their anxiety, expectations, fears.
Miriam and Edoardo will enter a tunnel of secrets, fear, and gruesome discoveries, later becoming victims themselves, in a shocking and unpredictable finale.

Blind Fate is project which has already been shot and edited. It is almost completely finished!  Our aim is to distribute it and show it to a large audience. The Web is the most appropriate place for this and the IndieGoGo platform is an opportunity for all of us to reach this goal.
Any help can be useful, not only money but also word-of-mouth advertisement. We want to create a community willing to join the Blind Fate project.
For this we have devised a series of “awards” which can be appreciated by the public, and help create a community
The budget we want to reach will be used for the following tasks:
English edition with subtitles;
• Sound post-production: production dialogue editing, Foley, sound effects, and ADR, and final mixing of the soundtrack. These stages will help to blend the music soundtrack with the remaining sound elements of “Blind Fate” in order to obtain a high-quality sound score matching the level of the most prestigious TV series;
• Design of an advertising campaign to attract interest on Blind Fate;
• International launch of the series on the web by means of viral ads, and a dynamic site creating an effective spin-off and interest in the eight episodes of the first season.

However, our goal is much more ambitious: we are now writing the second series, developing new ideas, and we want to involve new actors and reinforce the characters of the protagonists of the current season.
This is a risk-free operation. Our aim is to distribute Blind Fate in order to pre-produce the second season, and begin where the first season ends, with a surprise finale which will leave everybody open mouthed. The second season will begin right from the very last frame-shot of the first season.

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