Blighted Earth - 5e Campaign Setting
Blighted Earth - 5e Campaign Setting

Blighted Earth: 5E is a post-apocalyptic, science-fantasy campaign setting for use in D20 games, especially that of DnD 5e. Inspired by stories like the manga Nausicaa and the 2E campaign setting of Dark Sun, the Blighted Earth campaign setting allows its players to imagine themselves in a future of their own design.

Explore a harsh and scarred planet, much of which has turned to sand. Get to know new characters like sentient bugs and octopi while studying relics left by races of the past. Exist in a world free of gods, but learn to deal with the demi-god Kings and the Primordials that have taken their place.

  • 9 new subclasses for existing classes including elemental domain Clerics.

  • New Class: Psionicist.

  • 6 new playable races with a total of 13 new subraces.

  • Dozens of new monsters.

  • Dozens of NPC’s that are important to the Blighted Earth Setting for use in campaigns.

  • More than a dozen power structures including Empires, Magocracies and Merchant Republics.

  • Dozens of groups and organizations that operate within and between different powers.

  • Completely reworked Backgrounds to make a character's background more important than their race. New Backgrounds.

  • New Spells

  • New Magic Items and Equipment

  • New mechanics and items to help accommodate differently abled characters.

  • 5 One shot Campaigns for low-level characters to introduce new players to the game.

  • 1 campaign for mid to high-level characters.

  • Characters of all types are represented. Nobody gets excluded.


In Blighted Earth, Arcane magic is a scourge that ravages the Earth. The known world was once controlled by a highly advanced Magocracy, which sapped the planet of its resources in order to perpetuate their own progress. As the world became scarred, survival became strained. Despite and because of this, magic is the most common cause of and solution to people’s problems. Since the fall of the old world, many new organizations have risen from the ashes. Each organization has a different view of what the future of Earth should be, and what the answer to the blighting effects of Arcane magic is.

The adventures of heroes or villains have the opportunity to forever alter the course of the world and determine the future environment for all. You can choose to return the world to a prosperous and verdant state, or live with the world as it is and establish a harsh rule over the wastelands. Will you revive a dying planet or deal its death blow?




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