Blending Two Cultures into one drink with MilkT!
Blending Two Cultures into one drink with MilkT!

This project has already launched.

In the Beginning.....

MilkT was created on the basis of bridging two cultures by sharing a drink together. In Asia, milk tea is a popular drink. You can find it in any store and on the corner of any street. The affordability of the drink and the variety of flavors makes it a drink to die for. The texture and taste of milk tea are so unique that it makes people want to drink more and more. The tea is brewed from organic tea leaves, natural cane sugar, and combined with creamy, fresh whole milk which makes MilkT so tasty. Not only that, it has health benefits of the two that neither both of them have by themselves. Throughout history, people got to know one another through drinking together. By sharing a MilkT, you get to rebuild or create a new relationship with one another. We do not put any artificial preservatives or sweeteners because we want to advocate living a healthy lifestyle. I first started this business by making the milk tea at home and delivering to the customer’s location. Since then, we have grown from our humble kitchen and need to expand to other means of growing our business. We want to introduce delicious milk tea drinks that made people’s childhood a blast. MilkT is a beverage company that is fully committed in supplying organic tea mixtures, created to protect and nourish the health of our planet and you.

Our Drinks: 

Earl Grey Milk Tea


Jasmine Milk Tea


Brazilian Coffee Milk Tea


Green Milk Tea


The AHA!

As a child, I really enjoyed the taste of milk tea. However, as I got older and moved away from home, milk tea wasn’t readily available in stores and only in ethnic enclaves. Plus, I realized the powder that stores were using contained many harmful ingredients to my health. Therefore, I started to make my own and for my friends using organic, all natural resources. As people started to want more and more, I started to deliver milk tea to people’s locations. As this business grows, I need capital to fulfill more orders. Therefore, I turn to Kickstarter to help me raise funding, and I want everyone to know about this yummy drink and one day be sold in a store near you!

Potential Health Benefits:


Why should YOU care? 

We wanted to put this project on Kickstarter because it is the fastest way for us to get the drinks into your hands and make improvements as a community.  We believe that MilkT is great, but we need your help making it even better. Combining milk and tea into one drink you get the nutritional content of not one, but two. MilkT only uses the best, natural ingredients to make our product, but since high quality means high cost, we need your support to live up to our namesake. Not only that, we want to make our product eco-friendly and with your support, we can do that as well. We are going to be manufactured and produced in America and by supporting MilkT, you are helping to create more jobs in the American economy. I want to introduce what my family enjoyed to your family, so we can all share a great tasting drink.

Predicted Timeline of MilkT:



 Budget and Spending:

5,000-produce our first large batch of milk tea, partner with a co-packer, proper labeling and nutrient facts.

10,000-Using it for production in larger quantities, researching for creating a longer shelf life, have an updated bottle design, use recycled mixed paper and glass as packaging

25,000-be able to produce thousands of bottles, lowering the cost per bottle and get into supermarkets and convenience stores, cover cost of ingredients, create a sustainable way for packaging and shipping, work with a charity to help keep the world clean!

50,000+-Have a research and development team to create more delicious flavors, increase distributions, Be able to attend major Food trade shows, have our own delivery trucks, Hire a marketing team, lower costs, expand 

Special Offer

If our campaign is funded, we provide free limited edition MilkT stickers to all backers!

Social Links:



Twitter: @drinkMilkT


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