BlasChic™ Cosmetics + Skincare FOR ALL ARE BEAUTIFUL™
BlasChic™ Cosmetics + Skincare FOR ALL ARE BEAUTIFUL™

This project has already launched.

My name is Diann Murphy and I am the Founder + CEO of BlasChic.  I am as REAL AS IT GETS.  AUTHENTIC.  BOLD.  CARING.  HONEST.  PASSIONATE.  DETERMINED.  BEAUTIFUL...  YES, BECAUSE WE ALL ARE.  

BlasChic Kickstarter with COOL REWARDS: Lipstick | Mascara | Lipgloss + Cheektint |  NAME YOUR OWN LIPSTICK!

"BEAUTY For ALL For ALL Are BEAUTIFUL"™  But, as I turned into my 40's I began to NOT see that reflected back from others. Especially in the images that surround us DAILY, televised, in print, and on our individual screens, all saying the same thing... PERFECTION is measured by others' perceptions... "YOU SHOULD BE FLAWLESS" But, ONLY in an ACCEPTABLE, NARROW VIEW.  I don't believe that and neither should you or any of our young girls growing up.   For ALL Are BEAUTIFUL™

As a long time fashion industry designer and executive, from someone with 20+ years in cosmetics and skincare, as a business owner, and mostly, as a woman, I knew I wanted to be part of a CHANGE.  At least I was going to TRY.  “Beauty shouldn’t STOP at a NUMBER. Anymore than it should BEGIN with a COLOR.”™️  I've been actively working towards developing this brand for the past year and four months.  I've researched ingredients, labs, read testimony, results, market research, all in preparation for coming to you now.  I have chosen Shopify as our main digital eCommerce platform and have retained the #1 developer for websites in the US who is currently building our website, loading initial products, and will set up all of our Google Analytics and optimize SEO.  We are actively looking into Amazon, Native mobile phone apps, and out-of-the-box pop-up events.  I have also been in talks with QVC and have had much interest from high-end, established luxury brands.  I feel very positive about our projections.  So far, I have invested my own money only.  I am in debt to no one.  I very much appreciate you donating, allowing a realization of my dream to make everyone feel as beautiful as they truly are!  

I'm not quitting until we succeed.  Failing is NOT an option.  This is my 10th business that I have started, but yes, larger and more reaching than ever before.  I am ready and so are all of you.  I am counting on ALL OF YOU to help BlasChic succeed.  I didn't come from money.  I've worked since I was old enough to.  I cut my teeth on my first small business at age 16, a local dance studio.  Years later, finishing up my degree I was into my second company of Entertainment establishment designs.  I've worked for Coach Headquarters as a design assistant in NYC and as a Disney Imagineer for a time in Creative Costuming.  You can read more about me directly here at LinkedIn:  Please reach out and connect; I am always open to new ideas and collaborations.

I am based out of Orlando, Florida.  My technology-savvy developers are in Houston, Texas and my contacts for distribution channels are spread far and wide.  The cosmetics and skincare lab that we are using is a hospital-grade lab in Canada.  It has been in business for over 2 decades and is supremely trustworthy, safe, and has top-notch scientists on board.  I have been working with them for nearly 6 months developing color theories and choosing our pallets so that all skin tones and types are represented.  They will be receiving my order and shipping directly to me, I will then pack and ship out to our clients.  We have gotten a total order turnaround time down to under 10 days.  All of the cosmetics and skincare are fragrance-free, paraben-free, hypoallergenic, botanically based, never tested on animals, and cruelty-free.  We will be offering different lines and EVERY ingredient will be listed due to our strict transparency commitment, and to those with sensitive skin and allergies, like my own daughter.  Active ingredients, enriching vitamins, and antioxidants round out some of the product line.  I believe you will be very pleased if you pre-order the rewards with your donation!

Thank you very much for reading this far through.  I wanted to tell you my passion for what I do, and express to you the absolute NEED for women and young girls for a line of QUALITY products that embrace differences as BEAUTIFUL.  

All the best,

Diann Murphy, Tori & Lexi - My Jr. Execs

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