Blaise Pascal
Blaise Pascal

This project has already launched.

The subtle work of an artist.

I have spent the last 2-3 years composing songs with the intent of tapping into the commercial market, working with up and coming A list producers and industry professionals. Using knowledge garnered through research and practices to contribute to the current purging of cultural disharmony, thoughts and behaviour.

Our current industry standard tuning of concert pitch A is at 440hz. By planning to adjust future works to the concert pitch A at 432hz we will be tuning back into more unifying universal frequencies, which resonates with nature and, in turn, have positive effects on our organisms, healing us.

The human body is one organism, its own eco system. With the majority of the population absorbing toxicity through foods, liquids, the air we breathe and products we use on our skin (our biggest organ), we are creating obstructions inside ourselves. In the process we are drying up our natural oils and suffering from malnutrition, stopping us functioning efficiently and thinking clearly. This behaviour results in disease, physical and mental illnesses, slowly spiralling downwards towards what seems to be our own self programmed extinction.

Our bodies are electrical and therefore if we are to make an effort to reverse our destructive behaviours, we need to drink more clean water (distilled), and by eating more natural plant based foods. This will enable us to operate more efficiently and give us the energy required.

Our universe is vibration, so by more artists working with harmonious frequencies in our creations, could be the subtle energies that listeners require to unify and heal. The results could perhaps transform the listener into a more positive state of mind, helping let go of fearful projections.

Transforming ourselves back into a more natural state of being creates a healthy state where we can live in a beautiful collective dream. A physical manifestation where each and every one of us has a unique soul purpose to experience our hearts desires.

I have reached a point now where I require moneys to pay the producers for 'The Masters' to enable me to self release. I will also need funds for marketing to promote these songs and to provide a tour which will include costs for musicians and travel expenses, accommodation etc...

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432 Hz vs 440 Hz

With respect, love and appreciation.

Blaise Pascal

Risks and challenges

Because I am self releasing and leading this project myself the risk is minimal. I am taking full control and with the funds there is little stopping me.

I know that as the artist I am the value.

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