Blackjack - The Pinnacle of Sound
Blackjack - The Pinnacle of Sound

This project has already launched.

Moment in time - Blackjack


Here you can listen to the first track on our album "21". This is just the beginning and for the story of this clip we will record the life of a girl in the prime of her life that has a lot to live for but is troubled by the past, through a path to perdition. The story starts out with the girls seemingly great life, a relationship that looks very promising and life choices to be admired but the real story, the "behind the curtains" of any of us, is going to be revealed as the story unfolds. You can see a snippet of this in our project video.

As the rest of the short music series unfolds you will see a connection throughout the stories and hopefully you can learn something from each of them as well as the whole series. Enjoy.

Blackjack on stage!
Blackjack on stage!

Our backstory!

Blackjack is a rock band founded in 2012, aiming to launch its first album, XXI. Our role is to create authentic, high quality music, bringing 5 years of hard work on this album into the music industry. We, the team behind Blackjack, wish to create a new concept and integrate it into the world of rock.

Our goals are to record, mix and master the album 21 (which contains approximately one hour of amazing music) and to present at least 7 videos by September 2018. This will help us promote the band, leading to live concerts (which can be booked in your cities!).

Your contribution will allow us to:

  • Professionally record the songs in studios
  • Work with sound engineers
  • Have technical support
  • Pay classical musicians for playing on some tracks
  • Manufacture discs and distribute them (to you)
  • Pay Pixelwarp Studios - our partners
  • Design and script video concepts
  • Design and create merchandise items for the website
  • Record videos and pay for the equipment needed (costumes, actors, locations, filming equipment, editing team)
  • Purchasing/renting various instruments (if needed)

We have the whole package imagined in our hearts, while the creation process awaits as the costs are high and our mission's foundation is deeply driven by quality. We are concentrated on high-grade material, to ensure that you receive only the best products, as you deserve it!

The more funds we collect, the more we can offer back to you. The supreme goal is to have a video for each song, in order to create the visual representation of stories that happen in all our lives: moments of love, betrayal, tragedy, nightmares and times.

If everything goes as planned, an amazing album awaits you. SHOWTIME!

 ROCK ON! \m/

In order to ensure that you are always updated regarding our project and to make sure that all your questions are answered, we propose to use our Facebook Page to communicate efficiently and we promise to answer all queries. 

We have finally uploaded our song on Kickstarter for you to listen and download!

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