Blackcat backpack
Blackcat backpack

This project has already launched.

We are KATĖMAIŠE (CAT-IN-THE-BAG) - two brothers from Lithuania, keen on travelling, bikes and everything that rides! We make original design reflective backpacks, accenting the style and durability.

What does "KATĖMAIŠE" (pronounced - cat-a may-sha) mean? “Katė maiše” / “Cat in the sack” / “Кот в мешке”/ “Gato en saco” – it all means the same and is widely associated with the suspicious business. As a new and yet unknown brand we realized that no matter how good our product is and whatever name we choose we will be associated with the “Cat in the sack” or “Katė maiše” in lithuanian. So the brand name is our self-irony.

"At the beginning I've made this backpack for myself. I value quality so I've used best materials in the market for a backpack which will serve the lifetime. Aesthetics is the second big thing about it: minimalist eye-catching look along with toughness to withstand wild conditions." - Artur Shirin, founder, designer.  

Due to the oversized reflector, which is easy to spot from far away at night, this backpack is ideal for bicyclists. Durable waterproof cordura, padded back and double belt shoulder straps adds a lot when on a long trip. Transforming from 19L to 26L this bag easily fits all the gym belongings and a little more.

Materials: 100% polyester.  Dimensions (L x W x H): 31 x 12 x 65cm Weight: 1kg

Features: Weatherproof/ huge reflector/ external zip pocket/padded back/ hard back/external loops/ chest strap/ side straps/ waterproof lining/ laptop compartment (up to 17″laptop)/ internal medium zip pocket.

Why we are doing kickstarter: We want to have a solid backpack for a lifetime, we are not making seasonal collections. That means we are still working on some improvements of the bag, which we can accomplish with your help. Please support us, support The Cat! 

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