Black Eagle Book
Black Eagle Book

This project has already launched.

Hello, my name is Marisol Damián and I am here to tell you a story:

So, what is it Black Eagle about?

I used to have a name the time I was six years old, after that I became a number. Dragged from an orphanage to a boot camp, trainning all day for no reason. I beared twenty years of torture, waiting for someone to care for me, to save me,  but no one ever showed up. So I ran away, taking many lives with me. I learned to fight well. As you may now, after that shitty life all I wanted was a peaceful life but destiny had other plans form me. I realized so soon that evilness was spread all over the world, not only in that horrible place were I was held, and who was I to look just away the same way they did to me, how? having the abilities to make things right. At the end all I needed to be safe was my black outfit and a very petty mask.

Share with Black Eagle the pursue of freedom, justice and love.


About me

As you may already know I am actually here because I need your money (just kidding or maybe not). I wrote a book and I already have an edit and publishing contract, all I need to do is to collect the amount of 190 copies (sellers price) to make it true. So I am here asking you for your support, whatever you can contribute will get me closer to see my dream printed.

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