Bipartisan Collapse
Bipartisan Collapse

This project has already launched.

Blame the Republicans. Blame the Democrats. Blame the media. Blame everyone except ourselves for the lack of political discourse and decorum in America. The presidential election may have revealed our anger and divisions, but that fury has not led to any positive action. 

What if there was a piece of art you could hang on your wall -- or a t-shirt you could wear -- that might put a bit of civility back into our discussions? 

The piece is a backlit map of the United States, cut on corrugated tin, with the words “This Country Intentionally Left Blank” laser-sawed out of the metal. It is a play on the phrase “This Page Intentionally Left Blank” seen on phone bills and a statement on the inability of the different sides of our country – black and white, right and left, gay and straight – to even communicate. “Bipartisan Collapse” (48”x28”) is mounted on white Plexiglass on 1-inch nylon spacers. 

At 4-feet by 2-and-a-half feet, this light-based-art can't help but cause people to stop and ask what it means. 

Then you can tell them: I want you and I to be able to disagree without coming away from a conversation thinking the other one is evil, hopelessly biased or a sheep. 

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