Finally a sleeve that works!
Finally a sleeve that works!

Are you tired of double cupping or tiny sleeves that don’t work? how about hot drinks cooling down way too fast?

Are you tired of condensation dripping down your cups? or ice cubes melting quickly and ruining your cold drinks? and those drinks warming up before you can even finish them?

We have the solution with Biosleeve cup insulator. (with several patents issued throughout the world)

We have a new sleeve that keeps drinks hot 70% longer and drinks cold 100% longer.

No more heat to the fingers and no more condensation drips.

It works better than double-wall cups, going even further than styrofoam.

And it’s 100% biodegradable.

Consumers who use our sleeves can win prizes! From a gift card to a house with everything in between like vacations, cars, gadgets etc...

We place an ad with a QR code on one half of the sleeve.

When scanned with a smartphone or tablet through the restaurant's App,

The customer will see the video commercial or preview of the ad.

They will instantly find out if they won the content of that ad.

There will be a winner every minute!

Coffee stores and/or restaurant chains can get Biosleeve cup insulators for free if they accept to carry our sleeves with SpotWin ads. They will also get a percentage of the ad revenue. And they will save money by not having to purchase and ship current tiny sleeves or extra cups for double cupping. 





The paper cup was invented over 100 years ago and it was a great invention. But it is about time we make an improvement to it.

Biosleeve cup insulator is a paper cup's best friend. The consumer finally gets a sleeve that works and can win prizes with every drink. The restaurant or coffee store owners receive additional income and save money. Trees are planted by the millions. Non-profit organizations are funded. 

It is really a win-win situation! Everyone will profit from using Biosleeve cup insulators.

We have the solution, so please join the revolution and together we can make it happen! 

Be among the first ones to get the sleeve through crowdfunding. We will also offer to many of you custom made ones with your own art work or photos...

Please let everyone know about Biosleeve! Use Facebook, twitter and all social medias to spread the word.

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