BikinTime by Velair - Can you believe it's an e-bike ?
BikinTime by Velair - Can you believe it's an e-bike ?

This project has already launched.


After just over one year of R&D, our engineers have come up with the most elegant electric bike you will find on the market ... and believe us, we are French, chic is our trademark.

If our project reaches its target goal, our bike will be retailed at 1700€.

Back us if you wanna ride the first bike with swag at a ridiculously good price! You can benefit from a discount from over 55%.

We are delighted to introduce Bikin’time, a gorgeous vintage style electric bike. We focused as much of our energy on the beauty of the bike as we did on its comfort. Designed in our workshops then certified by the ergonomist Christophe Bourhis, Bikin’Time guarantees you the perfect fit.

It has all the advantages of the classic single-speed such as thin wheels, weight and design, plus it is electric! The battery is hidden in a tasteful leather pack behind the saddle that can be easily removed in less than a second.



Unlike all other e-bikes on the market, the (compact) battery of the BIKIN'TIME is concealed in its detachable leather bag behind the saddle. Because we believe you will love your Bikin’Time for a very long time, we ensured it was fit with a Lithium-ion battery that can last up to 8 years (twice as long as other electric bike batteries) all while remaining compact and lightweight. Detach the bag and you are ready to charge it anywhere your busy life takes you. Moreover, you will have access to ultrafast charging, we are talking 80% charged in just 45 minutes. The battery will be ready to goas far as 50kms / 33 miles.

The motor is installed on the rear wheel, it provides a 250W power and has a couple of 40N.m. If that sentence was gibberish, just remember that it will allow you to go up to 25 km/h, and you won’t struggle to start the bike on a rising road. Alternate the level of assistance of your Bikin'Time with the five levels available.

It was essential for us to develop a bike from the best possible materials. We managed to reconcile lightness and strength using a molybdenum steel alloy. Result: an extremely resistant bike under 16kg.

Entirely designed in our Parisian workshops, the Bikin'Time sports an inimitable retro style. It remains faithful to the vintage spirit thanks to its traditional and refined frame. All the usual charm can be found of the iconic single-speed such as the high rims in aluminum or the fine wheels. But we will stop there, we can already see your eyes lighting up. The dedication we pay to the details gives Bikin'Time its unique look. Everything from the upholstery, to the handles and the battery pouch are made of thick quality leather… How can you get any more elegant than that?

In addition to all the cool stuff we already mentioned, Bikin’Time also has some enticing extra features such as a multifunction LCD screen that displays your speed, mileage, external temperature and remaining battery.

Never have your smartphone out of sight thanks to the integrated USB connector on the screen. … Oh yeah, and you can charge your smartphone while riding

With over a million possibilities, you can allow your creative side to shine by selecting the FULL PERSO pack. Choose from dozens of colors, combine and mix them for the saddle, frame, rims, tires, spokes, hub, handles, stems, cranks and seat-post in order to make your bike unique and to create the Bikin'time that suits you best.




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