bigSbusiness - Step-by-Step Tool to Start Your Own Business
bigSbusiness - Step-by-Step Tool to Start Your Own Business

Unique helper to create your business and find passionate team.

500+ tools ensure you do it right!



The world today is undergoing a revolutionary change caused by enormous break-through in high technologies and Internet. As a result of this phenomenon an individual has virtually an unlimited access to any information, anytime, anywhere. These dramatic developments totally changed the concept of space perception and working collaboration. The well-known brick-n-mortar offices and the good old “full-time job” concept retreat from the market in favor of dynamic freelanced positions usually held from home, leaving people with the new tremendous opportunities to do what they really like, outsource the rest and dedicate much more time to their family, friends and hobbies. But, there are also many new challenges that come with these opportunities. To thrive and enjoy the potential of today’s economics, an individual is expected to be more independent and business-oriented than ever before. 



We’re a team of entrepreneurs who recognized the acute need of today’s young (and not so young) individuals in a fundamental solution that would help them make the transaction from a “full-time job” or “college” format to a new promising and challenging path of independent freelancers and business owners. After talking to hundreds of excited people and reading endless amount of articles, we decided to come up with a unique and robust integrated platform to provide a decent answer to these individuals and help them make the change of their lives as fast and effective as possible.



BigSBusiness is a unique and user-friendly platform where all the elements of business establishment and management are thoroughly explained and integrated in a chronological order.  Although our platform is very useful for individuals of all levels of business experience, it is mainly designed for people with minimal or no business development experience and we put an extra effort to make sure our tools would provide a solid and intuitive guidelines to accompany  new entrepreneurs from their very first step till the time their businesses are fully functional, up and running.

There are several major integrated tools that make our platform a unique and phenomenal business incubator:


Personalized Recruiting Tool – We’re proud to say, we are the first platform in the market where individual can find partners, freelancers and opportunities not only by  “standard” criteria such as skill set and experience, but also by personal characteristics such as interests, hobbies, and passions which are set as an integral part of every profile. This way our users can assemble teams of people not only professional but also passionate about what they do. And if you’re looking for a job – FINALLY you can find the opportunity which shares your interests and passions to make you truly happy!


Visual Structuring Feature - Our platform is geared with a unique visual business map and structuring feature that enables users to see their entire business literally on their palm and monitor team members, their activities, communication, and the entire work flow anytime, anywhere. And YES, it’s going to be optimized for all mobile devises.



Extensive assignments database: We developed an extensive database of 500+ chronologically set assignments users shall follow to ensure the most effective and streamlined development of their business. All assignments include detailed explanation, complementary tools and/or relevant templates and are classified by positions in their business. Each assignment can be easily re-assigned to any other relevant teammate or position. As we grow, we’re looking to expand this unique database even more and develop unique assignment plans for different types of businesses.  


Set your business with no initial investment: Our platform contains tips and tools to enable you get your business going with literally NO INITIAL INVESTMENT on your side.

To make the long story short, with BigSBusiness platform all you need to do to become a successful business owner is just your unique idea and persistence to make it happen!

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Creation of our global platform to be used by people all around the world takes a lot of resources and time. Thousands of man hours are used for research and development. We’re also facing heavy marketing expenses to spread the word, create a decent database and prepare tutorials and training materials. To release the BETA version of our platform by Feb 1st, 2015, we need to collect $77.000 USD.

By reaching this goal, we will make a major step towards the final release of our platform which will make creation of your own successful business without virtually any investment, and building your own team of passionate professionals, easier than ever. Valuable perks will also be awarded to all contributors (see the “Perks” section).



There are so many ways you can help! Even if you can’t contribute financially at this point, you can still help us reach our goal and make our Ultimate Business Incubator a reality by sharing our Indiegogo campaign with your friends and family. Spread the word about our unique concept through Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and other social networks and remember to indicate our link  __________________ so more contributors could see what we’re doing and participate. We bet they will be grateful – there are so many people out there to whom our platform can be a real help! 



Q: I don’t have any business background. Do I still have a good chance to establish my own business with your platform?

A: Absolutely! Our platform is especially designed for the first time entrepreneurs and these who’re lacking experience. It will guide you to establish your business in the correct way from the very first step and chronologically lead you all the way to well set and established business. 

Q: Is your platform self explanatory? 

A: Yes. We put an extra effort to make sure our platform is very intuitive and user friendly. There are no long pages of tutorials to understand our system.

Q: Can I set my business on my own or a team is a must?

A: It is good to have a team as it is hard for one person to perform assignments from different fields. Usually a few friends with different backgrounds stick together and each of them gets hold of the assignments relevant to his knowledge. On the other hand, many times in the initial steps of business establishment there is only one person (founder) who takes care of all the assignments and, as time passes, finds more people to join him. And with the explanations, tools and templates we prepared for literally every assignment in our system it is not too hard to perform most of them even without appropriate background or experience.   

Q: Why is your platform unique?

A: Our platform is phenomenal because it is a one-stop-shop system that incorporates under one roof all the most important aspects of business establishment:

  • 500+ chronologically set assignments that will accompany you from the very first step to the moment when your business is well set and running.
  • A thorough explanation and tools included in each assignment so it can be successfully accomplished even by a non-experienced user who starts his first business.
  • A unique visual structuring feature will show your entire business structure on one screen so you could monitor your team members, their activities, communication and the entire work flow anytime, anywhere, with one click on a button.
  • Our exclusive database of freelancers will enable you to select your new team members not only by “standard” parameters such as skills and experience, but also by their personal interests, hobbies and passions. It will ensure your team members are not just skillful but also very passionate about your business!   

Q: Will I also be able to find a job on your platform?

A: Yes. You will be able to create your freelancer profile and apply for projects and opportunities based on your skills, and personal interests, hobbies and passions!

Q: Do you charge monthly fees?

A: At the initial stages of our Beta version we’re not going to charge any fees. Later on, as our platform is finalized, we will charge a small monthly fee of $7 for using our business builder and monitoring tools.

Q: Are you going to have a customer service?

A: We are. Rest assured all your questions regarding the system will be answered within 24 business hours.

Q: Do you guarantee a success if using your platform?

A: We can’t guarantee success for any business initiative. Nevertheless, we’re absolutely sure that following our assignments, explanations, online tools and templates gathered in our platform will increase the chance for success of your business dramatically.

Q: How can I set a business with no money?

A: There are many ways to start your new business without initial investment.  To name a few, you can pay other members with a certain percent of your business future equity or initiate a crowdfunding campaign (just like we’re doing right nowJ). In our platform, we lead you thoroughly through the entire process and prepare you to these and many other tactics.

Q: When will the platform be available for general use?

A: Provided we will reach our goal in this campaign, we will be able to launch our Beta version on February, 2015. Take another 2-3 months to make the final adjustments and we anticipate the final version to be launched during April or May, 2015.



Got more questions? Want to get more details? Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time!


Simon Swerdlow is the Founder & CEO and the visionary behind the bigSbusiness project. Hopeless dreamer with the acute sense of reality, as he calls himself, Simon created bold plans and demonstrated impressive results as CEO and co-owner in several US-based companies. Being a graduate of Sy Sums School of Business, Simon is sure bigSbusiness is the next BIG thing in the entire freelance industry that will eliminate the problem of unemployment.


Natasha Swerdlow, CMO & Social Media guru of our project, and also beloved wife of Simon. Natasha has a tracking record as a successful brand manager for the last 5 years. She is amazing in social commendation and building audience. A proud mother of a 9 years old daughter Emily, Natasha really enjoys combining these 2 projects!


Max Matvienko, our CTO & Technical Director, has an absolutely phenomenal experience in IT. Having a degree in Computer Science from the University if Indiana, Max developed platforms and software solutions for different departments of states of Luisiana and Wisconsin, worked with Bank of America and even was involved with Disney Parks and Resorts corporation!


Alex Voskoboinik, COO & Project manager of bigSbusiness is the man with the plan and the schedule who makes sure the workflow with its milestones is performed in a timely manner and all bottlenecks are eliminated. MBA graduate from Manchester University, Alex is a strong believer that only results matter and he’s proud to be a part of the team!






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